Genealogy Notes for the Village of Maids Moreton, Buckinghamshire
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Location and general description

Maids Moreton lies about 1.5 Km north of the centre of Buckingham.


Details pending identification of those that are of interest. 


Details pending identification of those that are of interest. 

The HUTTON family

The Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies holds a release and settlement of an estate in Maids Moreton on the marriage in 1750 of one William HUTTON to a Miss Mary TURNER. This also refers to an estate in Clifton near Deddington, Oxon [Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies: Uthwatt Estate, D 136/5/(1)]. There are also releases and mortgages in Maids Moreton by William HUTTON through to 1791 [D 136/6] and a reference to one William HUTTON (afterwards LONG), deceased [D 136/1/(2)] . In 1762 one Rev. William HUTTON, recieved the BATE Estate in Maids Moreton under the Will of George BATE of Stock, Essex, dated 25 September 1731. 

The Rev William HUTTON's daughter Mary Long HUTTON (b 1753/4 -d.1825) married Richard DAWSON of Halton Gill, Lancs? (son of Josias DAWSON and Susannah CONSTANTINE). Richard's sister Elizabeth DAWSON (c. 1746 - d.1748) married Anthony BOLLAND, their son William BOLLAND of Townhead, Settle (b.1772-d.1839) then married Margaret KEMPSTER, daughter of Christopher KEMPSTER of Upton, Oxfordshire.

On 15 Sep 1763 one Rev William HUTTON of Maids Morton leased two-thirds of dale in Gilda in Whittington, near Kirby Lonsdale, North Yorkshire, for 1000 years at peppercorn rent: for 4.4.0: Isabel WHITTINGTON of Whittington, widow, & Mary BARKER of Arkholme in Melling, widow, to Rev. William HUTTON of Buckingham. This lay between dales of James JOHNSON & W.H.(William HUTTON?). [Lancashire Record Office, "Purchased Documents," database, Access to Archives ( : accessed 24 Dec 2008), DP 160, lease.]

Various transactions involving William HUTTON of Maids Moreton are found amidst the papers of the UTHWATT family, along with a series of transactions involving the HUTTON family of Thorphinsty near Cartmell Fell, Cumbria. It seems probable that William was descended from this line as Thorphinsty later came into the posession of his son, James Hutton LONG. The only obvious evidence of the HUTTONs in the church comes in the name of their descendant upon one of the memorials:
In Memory of Mary Henrietta Turner Hutton Andrewes Andrewes only child of the late Revd William & Mary Andrewes Uthwatt, Born May 7th 1839, Died March 11th 1916.

In 1782, at the age of sixteen, Rev. James Long HUTTON, son of William HUTTON of Buckingham, matriculating from Christ Church, Oxford. Farrer & Brownbill suggest his father may have been the William son of Richard HUTTON of Cartmel who matriculated from Queen's College in 1740, aged eighteen; Foster, Alumni Oxon. [Farrer & Brownbill, 1919, n.p.] . This Richard HUTTON certainly had property near Kirby Lonsdale.

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