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Ancestry of Reginald Harold Kirby
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Kirby comes from the old Norse kirkja býr meaning ‘church settlement’.

Many of these Kirby ancestors also had connections with South Ockendon (though actually Aveley), Essex and Downham, Essex

8 John Kirby,
John Kirby,
b.1765 in Great Burstead, Essex. d.1842,
Servant in husbandry
8 Sarah
John Kirby,
b.Abt 1790, in Rochford, Essex. d.2 Aug 1877
Agricultural Labourer
7 Judith Kennett,
b.1775, d.1822
John Kirby,
b.1815 in North Benfleet, Essex. d.1876
Agricultural Labourer
6 Sarah Wolf,
b.Abt 1789 in Little Wakering, Essex. d.Bef 1871
Samuel John Kirby,
b.1849 in North Benfleet, Essex. d.???
Agricultural Labourer, Milkman, then Dairyman
6 Thomas Sullings,
b. ???, d.Bef 1841
5 Susan Sullings,
b.1823 in Rochford, Essex. d.1912
Female Servant, then Housewife, Mother and Parish Relief
6 Unknown
3-Reginald Harold Kirby,
b.1895 in Leytonstone, Essex. d.1930
6 Unknown
5 Benjamin Pritchard,
b.Abt 1813, d.Bef 1861
6 Ann Pritchard,
b.Abt 1792, d.???
Minnie Charlotte Pritchard,
b.Abt 1857 in Bermondsey, London. d.???
Housewife & Mother
5 Martha, b.Abt 1817 in Southwark, London. d.???

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