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Ancestry of  Ernest Henry Hicks
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Numbers are generation numbers counting backwards
8 Unknown
7 John Hicks,b.Abt 1775,d.1856 ?
John Hicks, b.4 May 1812 in Bardfield Saling, Essex, d.1856 ?
8  David (the elder) Perry
7 Susannah Perry, b. Abt 1780 in Broxted, Essex
Alfred George Hicks, b.Jun 1841 in Bardfield Saling, Essex. Agricultural Labourer, Baker/Confectioner, Coal Labourer. d.1922
7 Benjamin Staines, b.Abt 1770 possibly in the Braintree, Essex area, d.1860 ?. Benjamin married Susannah Goldstone on 2 Jan 1798.
6 Sarah Staines, b.15 Feb 1809 in Great Saling, Essex
7 Susannah Goldstone, b.Abt 1770, d.1839 ?
Ernest Henry Hicks, b. 1875 in Epping, Essex, d.1940. Baker's Boy, Carman, Grocer's Assistant
7 Joseph Stevens, b.Abt 1774 in Essex, Agricultural Labourer
6 John Stevens, b.Abt 1821 in Ilford, Essex. Agricultural Labourer.
7 Catherine, b. Abt 1781
5 Phoebe C(atherine?) Stevens, b.Abt 1851 in Barking, Essex, d.1 Jan 1922. Domestic Servant, Midwife
6 Phoebe, b.Abt 1827 in Walthamstow, Essex
3-Ernest Henry Hicks, b.24 Oct 1898 in Chigwell, nr Epping, Essex. Postman (Driver)
8 John Sharp
7 Edmund Sharp, b. Abt 1801 in Langridge, Nr Bath, Somerset.
8 Unknown
John Sharp, b.Abt 1824 in Langridge, Nr Bath, Somerset. Agricultural Labourer. d.1884 ?
7 Martha Davis, b. Abt 1804, Langridge, Nr Bath, Somerset
5 John Edmund Sharp, b.Abt 1856 in Weston, Bath, Somerset. Farmer's Boy, Coachman. d.1894 ?
7 John Cross, b. Abt 1786 in Upton Cheyney, nr Bitton, Gloucestershire. Master Mason
6 Mary Cross, b.Abt 1825 in Weston, Nr Bath, Somerset. Dressmaker
7 Elizabeth Butler, b. Abt 1787 in Weston, Somerset
4 Ellen Sharp Gregory, b.Abt 1875 in Swindon, Wiltshire.d.1964
6 George Gregory, b.Abt 1821 in Chisledon, Wiltshire. Road Labourer. d.After 1881
5 Hannah Gregory, b.Abt 1855 in Stratton St Margaret, Swindon, Wiltshire.d.1876 ?
6 Elizabeth, b.Abt 1814 in Purton, Wiltshire
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