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Ancestry of Ivy Minnie Elizabeth Cook
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10 Abraham Cook
9 Abraham Cook, b. 1690 in Carlton Cum Willingham. d. ???
10 Hannah
8 Joseph Cooke, b 1722 in Carlton Cum Willingham. d. ???
9 Elizabeth Bensted, b 1690, Great Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire
7 Abraham Cooke, b. 1757 in Carlton Cum Willingham, Cambridgeshire. d. ???
8 Elizabeth Day, b. 1720, Cambridgeshire. d. ???
6 James Cook, b. Abt 1802 in Carlton, Cambridgeshire. Farm Labourer. d.???
7 Elizabeth Bye, b. 1766, Cambridgeshire
5 Abraham Cook, b. Abt 1838 in Carlton, Cambridgeshire. Farm Labourer. d.???
6 Ann Prickett, b. 1808 in Carlton, Cambridgeshire. d.???
4 George Cook, b. Abt 1861 in Carlton, Cambridgeshire. Farm Labourer then Engine Driver. d.???
7 John Parr
6 Philip Parr, b. abt 1814 in Exning, Suffolk
7 Elizabeth Miller
5 Emma Parr, b. Abt 1840 in Carlton, Cambridgeshire. d.???
6 Ellen Sergent, b. Abt 1817 in Exning, Suffolk
3 Ivy Minnie Elizabeth Cook, b.1 Jul 1896 at 3 Jupp Road,  Stratford, Essex. d.???
5 Unknown Lloyd, b. ???, d.???
4 Harriet Lloyd, b. Abt 1864 in Mile End. d.???
5 Harriet (Sophia?), b.Abt 1843 in St Botolph's, London (or possibly Cornwall), d.???
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