Genealogy Notes for the City of Westminster
A miscellany of pictures and data arising out of research into the KIRBY's family trees (but not all linked to them). This is a work in progress so please treat the data with appropriate caution. For related information see List, Place Index and Wills Index

Location and general description

On the north bank of the Thames and about 2km upstream from the City of London. 


None as yet.


The CECIL family

Merritt notes that Westminster was a stronghold of the CECIL family in the early 17th C. Lady Elizabeth COKE (formerly CECIL by birth, then HATTON by her 1st Marriage) has connections with Minster Lovell, Oxon in the Windrush Valley, just downstream of Swinbrook, Oxon and Widford, Oxon.

The HATTON family

John HATTON of Widford, Oxon married two of his daughters in St James, Westminster. Mary HATTON married Henry William BULL in 1815 and Rachel HATTON married Thomas SPLATT in 1824.  

William HATTON (c1670-1728) and his wife Ann (nee TASH and sister of Sir John TASH of London, vintner ) owned a house in St Paul's Churchyard in the City of London and a dwelling house in Broad St [Bread Street?], St James, Westminster. He left these to his Niece Magdalene HATTON in his Will.

Sir Thomas HATTON of Ditton, Surrey married Cecelia BREWSTER, daughter of Francis BREWSTER. She subsequently married  (in Jan 1703/04) Sir Henry Dutton COLT of  St James, Westminster.

Col Thomas HATTON of Saville Row, St James, Westminster appears to have been related to Richard HATTON/HUTTON who was involved in the WOOD/MICHELL estate in Spitalfields. He was Constable of Dublin Castle in Ireland. In his Will, Col HATTON left a bequest to his niece Elizabeth, wife of Peter TOMAGAY of College Hill, London, Merchant. Reference to his namesake is found amongst the PITT-RIVERS papers (Dorset Record Office, D/PIT/T729).


Sir Thomas WOLSTENHOLME of St Margaret's, Westminster (2nd Bart, d. 1691) was the grandson of  Sir John WOLSTENHOLME (1st Bart) and Katherine WOLSTENHOLME (nee FANSHAWE). His aunt Katherine married William FANSHAWE, brother of Alice HATTON (nee FANSHAWE) the wife of  Sir Christopher HATTON (the heir to Lord Chancellor HATTON). His son Sir Thomas WOLSTENHOLME (6th Bart) married  Mary HATTON (whose as yet unidentified father held an important position in the Revenue in Ireland). His eldest son Sir John WOLSTENHOLME of Edmonton, Middlesex (3rd Bart), married Mary RAYNTON, daughter of  Nicholas RAYNTON Esq of Forty Hall in Enfield, Middlesex.

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