Genealogy Notes for the Village of Rochford, Essex
A miscellany of pictures and data arising out of research into the KIRBY's family trees (but not all linked to them).
This is a work in progress so please treat the data with appropriate caution. For related information see, Ancestor List, Place Index and Wills Index

Location and general description

A medium sized village at the headwaters of Paglesham Reach,of the River Roach estuary. Rochford lies on the landward edge of the Essex marshes and just north of Southend, Essex. 


Details pending identification of any that are of interest. 


The KIRBY family (aka CURBY)

The family of John KIRBY (1765-1842) appears to have lived in Rochford, before later moving to South Shoebury, Essex. His grandson John Kirby (1815-1876) would later marry into the SULLINGS family of Rochford


Susan SULLINGS ( 1823-1912) was born in Rochford as was her sister Martha SULLINGS (1836-). At the time she was born there appear to have been two SULLINGS families associated with Rochford. There are circumstances that suggest they might be related by Thomas SULLINGS (-1940) but I have yet to find proof of this. The profession 'Sawyer' festures prominantly in both families and Susan and her sibling Martha seem to have lost their father Thomas SULLINGS, sawyer, in the five years prior to the 1841 Census. I have assumed that Eliza SULLINGS who is with Susan and Martha on the 1841 Census is related.

The family tree fragments are shown below....

Fragment 1

1-Thomas SULLINGS d. Bef 1841 ------Possible link between fragments
|--2-Susan SULLINGS b. 1823, Rochford, Essex, c. kirby, d. 1912, South
|    Ockendon, Essex, bur. 1 Dec 1912, South Ockendon, Essex
|   +John KIRBY b. Abt 1815, North Benfleet, Essex, d. 1876, bur. 15 Aug 1876,
|    South Ockendon, Essex
|  |--3-Thomas William KIRBY b. 24 Jan 1843, Runwell, Chelmsford, Essex, d.
|  |    1934, Rochford, Essex
|  |--3-Charles KIRBY b. 1845, Wickford, Essex
|  |--3-Samuel John KIRBY b. 1849, North Benfleet, Essex, d. 1915
|  |--3-William KIRBY b. 1850, South Ockendon, Essex
|  |--3-Mary Ann KIRBY b. Abt 1852, North Benfleet, Essex, d. 23 Dec 1932
|  |--3-Private
|  |--3-Edwin Henry KIRBY b. 2 Feb 1857, South Ockendon, Essex, d. 18 May 1946,
|  |    234, Yeading Lane Hayes, Middlesex
|  |--3-Sarah A(nn?) KIRBY b. Abt 1859, South Ockendon, Essex
|  |--3-Frederick John KIRBY b. 16 Mar 1862, South Ockendon, Essex
|  |--3-Alfred KIRBY b. 13 Oct 1864, South Ockendon, Essex, d. 21 Aug 1957,
|  |    South Ockendon, Essex
|--2-Sarah SULLINGS b. Abt 1831, Rochford, Essex
|--2-Martha SULLINGS b. Abt 1836, South Ockendon, Essex
|   +Henry LEWIS b. Abt 1833, Great Baddow, Essex
|  |--3-Emma LEWIS b. Abt 1858, South Ockendon, Essex
|  |--3-Mary Ann LEWIS b. Abt 1860, South Ockendon, Essex
|  |--3-William LEWIS b. Abt 1863, South Ockendon, Essex
|  |--3-Martha LEWIS b. Abt 1865, South Ockendon, Essex
|--2-Eliza SULLINGS b. Abt 1837, Rochford, Essex

Fragment 2
1-Unidentified SULLINGS
|--2-Charlotte SULLINGS b. Abt 1805, Rochford, Essex
|   +William DEEDS b. Abt 1800, Eastwood, Essex
|  |--3-William DEEDS b. Abt 1836, Rochford, Essex
|  |--3-Eliza DEEDS b. Abt 1841, Rochford, Essex
|--2-Samuel SULLINGS
|   +Susannah GARNISH
|  |--3-Samuel SULLINGS c. 8 Jan 1809, Rochford, Essex
|  |   +Mary BURGESS b. Abt 1809, Essex, c. 28 May 1809
|  |  |--4-Harriet SULLINGS b. Abt 1833, Rochford, Essex, c. 1 Sep 1833,
|  |  |    Rochford Census District, Essex
|  |  |--4-Samuel SULLINGS b. Abt 1828, Essex
|  |  |--4-Ann SULLINGS b. Abt 1840, Rochford, Essex
|  |  |--4-Sarah Ann SULLINGS c. 6 Feb 1831, Rochford, Essex
|  |  |--4-Mary Ann SULLINGS c. 25 Dec 1836, Rochford, Essex
|  |--3-Susan SULLINGS b. 1795
|  |--3-Thomas SULLINGS b. 1797, d. 1840, Rochford, Essex ------Possible link between fragments
|  |--3-Sarah SULLINGS c. 1792
|  |--3-Ann SULLINGS c. 1800
|--2-Unidentified SULLINGS
   |--3-Thomas SULLINGS b. Abt 1829, Rochford, Essex
       +Emma b. Abt 1835, Stanford le Hope, Essex
      |--4-Mary M. SULLINGS b. Abt 1857, Stanford le Hope, Essex
      |--4-Martha S. SULLINGS b. Abt 1859, Stanford le Hope, Essex

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