Quennington Papermill, Quenington, Gloucestershire

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Believed to be still standing and in private occupation

History (from 1725-1876)

In 1725 the deed to a 'Tuck Mill'  in Quenington was transferred from Edward PINFOLD sen. to Edward PINFOLD, jur (GRO ref D2269/1). In the same year the mill was leased by one Robert JENNER of Fairford (Harris 1976, Pg. 134).
In 1748 one Charles MORGAN of Fairford insured the mill at Quenington (Shorter 1957, Pg 164) and the tenant was a papermaker called Jonathan CARBY (Harris 1976, Pg. 134).
The GRO index entry for D540/T61 states rather cryptically 'Quenington Mill (1775: 'Paper Mills heretofore a Tuck Mill')' and then lists various wills under the same reference (included in the bundle of papers are: the 1738 Will of Charles MORGAN sen of Fairford; the 1769 Will of Elizabeth HUNTINGDON, wid., of Fairford; the 1774 Will of Elizabeth MORGAN, wid., of Fairford; papers relating to messuages in Barton St, Gloucester)
In 1777, I. Taylor's map of Gloucestershire recorded a paper mill in Quenington (Shorter 1952, Pg 161).
In 1779, S. Rudder published his 'New History of Gloucestershire' and stated employment for a few hands was provided by the production of  writing paper at Quenington (Shorter 1952, Pg 161)
In 1791 the Gloucester Journal mentioned a Mr Joshua CARBY as a paper maker at Quenington (Shorter 1952, Pg 160).
In 1803 Rudge [Rudge, 1803, pg 267] stated that paper manufacture was carried on there by one Mr. RODWAY.
Between 1816 and 1831 the Excise authorities listed the mill (first in the Malborough collection and then in the Oxford) as No 299 with the paper maker as Joshua C RADWAY. On 5 Jul 1820 Joshua was given a licence to install the first paper making machine in Gloucestershire at Quenington (Harris 1976, Pg. 135).
Pigot's Directory for 1830 lists Joshua Carby  RADWAY as the Paper Maker at Quenington Mill.
From 1835 first Thomas PINNELL  and then a partnership of Thomas and Richard PINNELL  operated the mill until 1841 (Harris 1976, Pg. 134).
In 1841 the paper maker at Quenington was Joseph Bence PALSER (Shorter 1952, Pg 161).
In 1851 House of Commons Papers record four beating engines at work at the mill (Shorter 1952, Pg 161).
In 1855 the 'Quarterly Review' for June-September published an article by J Forbes ROYLE entitled
"The Fibrous Plantsof India fitted for Cordage Clot him and Paper With an Account of the Cultivation and Preparation of Flax Hemp and their Substitutes". Whilst reviewing the status of paper making and paper making techniques in England he mentions that Tovil Mill in Maidstone, Kent and Quenington Mills in Fairford, Gloucs and various others were still producing straw paper. [ Paragraph added 5/Oct/2007]
In 1856 J COWLEY owned the mill and C BREWER managed it (Harris 1976, Pg. 134)
The Paper Mills Directory of 1860 lists one William A WEST making Straw Printings and News at Quenington (Shorter 1952, Pg 161).
The Paper Mills Directory of 1876 again lists William A WEST at Quenington (Shorter 1952, Pg 161).
Harris differs with the directory, suggesting that at some time between 1859 and 1863 it transferred to the W. A. KNIGHT who occupied it in 1876  (Harris 1976, Pg. 135).

The Mill is referred to as Quenington Paper Mill  in correspondence concerning the wheel in 1893 (GRO ref D540/E48).
There was an enquiry about it in 1950 which was filed with notes on the Mill's history (GRO ref

Paper Makers at Quenington

Joshua Carby

In 1743 one Thomas CLARKE was apprenticed to a papermaker called Jos. CARBY of Ludington, Gloucestershire (Shorter, pg 160). Shorter suggests that this was Mr Joshua CARBY who was at Quenington, who died in 1791 aged about 84 and who was described (in an obituary?) in the Gloucester Journal of 14 February 1791 as an 'eminent paper maker and an honest man.' In 1748 one Joseph CARBY married Mary FRANCE just over the river from Quenington in Hatherop (IGI Batch No. M029041), an event that could be linked with the tenancy at the mill and may have been a second marriage as, in 1744, one Joshua CARBY christened a daughter called Ann in Quenington. She may have been the Ann CARBY who married Thomas RODWAY at Quenington in 1768 (IGI  Batch No. M036252).

David Edgington

David EDGINTON married Mary RODOWAY. (IGI  Batch No. M036252)  in 1734 at Quenington, Gloucester. It is likely that Mary was part of the RADWAY family.

Edward Hatton

Edward HATTON was son of Thomas HATTON, the paper maker at nearby Widford, Oxon (then in Gloucestershire). He married Hannah (Anna) EDGINTON (EGERTON) in Quenington in 1766. Her father was David EDGINTON another papermaker from Quenington. 

Joshua Carby Radway

Presumably the grandson of  the Joshua CARBY mentioned above. A Joshua Kerby RADWAY was christened in Cirencester, Gloucester by Thomas RADWAY in 1770 (IGI Batch No. C027471). One Joshua Carby RADWAY and his wife Ann (or Anne) christened the following children in Quenington:
Which suggests that his father's name was Thomas.


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