Genealogy Notes for the Village of Fulbrook, Oxfordshire
A miscellany of pictures and data arising out of research into the KIRBY's family trees (but not all linked to them). This is a work in progress so please treat the data with appropriate caution. For related information see List, Place Index and Wills Index

Location and general description

A small Cotswold village on the opposite (northern) side of the Windrush valley to Burford, Oxon., with which it had close connections.


Church of St James the GreatSt James the Great, Fulbrook

Just to the north of the main road to the town lies the lovely little church dedicated to St James the Great (part of the Burford Churches group). The church contains two monuments dedicated to members of the JORDAN family, that are in stark contrast to one another in terms of their ostentatiousness.


The JORDAN Family

Mr Robert JORDAN (-1637) of Middle Temple, London, was buried at Fulbrook on 18 Sep 1637. He had sons Robert, William (-1677), Richard , Thomas and John (summarised below, but further details of these and their descendants may be found on my draft Fulbrook JORDAN Tree).
Of these sons:
Robert JORDAN (-1658) married as his first wife Katherine, whom he buried on 6 Dec 1639, but not before they had two children:
In 1640, Robert married again, in Burford, Oxon., this time to Abigail SYLVESTER, part of an influential local family. By whom he had at least:

Monument for Mary Jordan Thomas JORDAN (ch. 1643-1675) married Mary TIPPING, daughter of John TIPPING of Stokenchurch, Berks, to whom there is an elaborate memorial in the church at Fulbrook (see below for inscription) that bears the arms of JORDAYNE of London and TIPPING. These same JORDAYNE arms are born by Admiral Joseph JORDAN (1603?-1685).
By Mary, Thomas had issue:
  • John JORDAN (abt. 1667-1732), of Bourton on the Water, Glouc. of whom more below.
  • Mary JORDAN  (1666-), who in 1691 married Richard BARTHOLOMEW Jun (abt. 1665-1713) of  Westhill
Monument to John Jordan John JORDAN (abt. 1667-1732) married three times,  two of his marriages being referred to on a simple monument in Fulbrook church (see below for inscription).
On 5 Nov 1691 John married Frances BARTHOLOMEW in Burford, Oxon. By Frances, John had no issue.
On 2 Jun 1698 John married Ann ROOKE in Bourton on the Water and moved to Bourton on the Water, Glous. By Ann, John had three children:
  • Mary  JORDAN (-1725), who married John PIGOTT, gent, of West Challow (see notes below)
  • Anne JORDAN (1709-), who married in 1729 the Rev Christopher SHUTE (-1767)
  • John JORDAN (ch. 1713-1774), of whom more on the Bourton on the Water, Gloucs. page.
On 14 Jun 1724 John returned to Burford where he married Mary TASH daughter of Robert ASTON (abt 1636-1698) and widow of William TASH (-1716), both Innkeepers at the Bull Inn, Burford, Oxon. By Mary, John had no issue.

On his monument John JORDAN (abt. 1667-1732) states that he left three children. However, only Anne and John are mentioned in his will, suggesting that the third child was already comfortably provided for. The identity of the third child rests on the circumstantial evidence of a later transaction. On 5 March 1729/30 Sir John DUTTON of Sherborne, Gloucestershire, Bart and Sir Thomas READE of Shipton under Whichwood, Oxfordshire, Bart were involved in the demised of premises at Fulbrooke, for the residue of a term of 200 years, to John PIGOTT of West Challowe, Berkshire, gentleman. I have yet to examine the original document, but the Gloucestershire Records Office Catalogue entry for it (D678/1 F9/4/1-2) mentions that PIGOTT married one of the daughters of John JORDAN of Bourton on the Water, but not which one. This John JORDAN, of Bourton on the Water, appears to have devised a capital messuage and other specified premises at Fulbrooke, Oxfordshire upon trust for raiding portions for his daughters. The DUTTON/READE/PIGOTT transaction cites this deed and a chancery decree as justification. The unnamed daughter of John JORDAN would appear to be the Mary JORDAN (-1725), who married John PIGOTT (ch. 1695-), gent, of West Challow, Berks, for on her memorial at West Challow the arms of PIGOTT are impaled with those found associated with JORDAYNE of London, as found at both Bourton on the Water, Gloucs, and here at Fulbrook. The couple also christened a son Jordan PIGOTT.

The involvement of DUTTON and READE may be significant as these two were probably Sir John DUTTON (-1743), 2nd Bart of Sherbourne and his brother in law Sir Thomas READE (1684-1752), 4th Bart of Shipton Court. Sir Thomas READE had acquired Shipton Court by buying out one Sir Rowland LACY late of Rudlicott (sic Pudlicott). In 1763 one James LACEY bought the former JORDAN lands of Eynsham Manor from Cassandra PERROTT and her sister Martha PERROTT  [A History of the County of Oxford, 120-23.]

Selected inscriptions from the parish church of St James the Great

Thomas JORDAN and his wife Mary

Monument for Mary JordanGrand marble monument in the chancel with crest and arms (JORDAYNE of Londan / TIPPING). The following provides a stab at what this means, but I am no Latin scholar!

Mary wife of Thomas Jordan daughter
of John Tipping of Stokenchurch in
County Oxo. Born. Choice
and likewise beloved woman.

From grief!
Constant in virtue, familial, a model of repute
Of her own vitality and love modest
Nevertheless from complaint desisting
Despite anticipating old age with distress
Eagerly falling away at the right moment
Into perfection of life at the same time as immortality transformed

9th day of August 
Year age 20 months over run 70
Welcomed renewal 1672

If Blood or Beauty Parts or Grace could Save
from Corruptions of the Common Grave
or without Death confer divinity
we might have wondered this dear St. did die
but since to Bliss death must Induction give
of Need She died the She might better live
died, Ah too Early! Yet let none Complain
This was Necessity, That was her Gain.

In tail, in the dust resting
Robert Jordan Grandfather [assumed contraction of atavus] 18th of 7th month 1637. Middle Temple
Robert Jordan Father 8th Feb 1658, under this place
Abigail Jordan mother July 29th 1660. In childbirth [?]
Thomas Jordan husband of Mary as above
Perished January 8 aged 32 years, here under, beside this choice wide tomb and epitaph

Erected over the tomb by no means begrudgingly [?]
P. M. S.
Marię Conjugis Thomę Jordan, Filię
Jonis Tipping de Stokenchurch in
Agro Oxon, Gen., Lectissimę
Pariter et dilectissimę Fœminę

Proh dolor!
Tante virtutis, Familię, Formę Florem
In ipso Aetatis ac Amoris Verecleciduum
Tamen Querelarum desine
Quippe Anticipatis Senij miserijs
Praepropera Laborans maturitate,
Pfectionem Vitę cum Imortalitate comutavit

ix caldas viiibres
Ano Atatis Supra  x xm, Currente 70
Salutis Instauratę MbCLXXii

If Bloud or Beauty Parts or Grace could Save
from Corruptions of the Comon Grave
or without Death conferre divinitie
we might have wondered this deare St. did dye
but since to Bliss death must Induction give
of Need Shee dy’d the Shee might better live
dy’d, Ah too Early! Yet let none Complaine
This was Necessity, That was her Gaine.

In codem pulvere Quiescunt
Robt’ Jordan Av’ i8o7 bris j637. medio Templi
Robt’ Jordan Pater 8oFeb. i658, Sub hę Areā
Abigaill Jordan Matr July 29oi660. a parte Aus
Thomas Jordan Marit’ Marię ut supra
Moriens Janry 8oAno Ętis 32 hic infra
Latus Elegit Sepulchrum ac Epitaphium

Componi Tumulo non Invideatis oedema

Frances JORDAN and John JORDAN

Monument to John JordanA simple painted board in the chancel. White on black, with no embellishments.

Here Lies the Body of 
Frances Jordan the wife of John
Jordan of Bourton on the water
in the County of Gloucester Gent
and Daughter of Richard Bartholomew
of Westall Hill in the County Gent
She Departed this Life in the
year 1693 Aet 20
In this grave likewise
Lies the body of John Jordan
of Bourton on the Water in the County
of Gloucester who removed thither
from Foulbroke on the marriage of his
Second Wife Ann Rooke by whom he had
three Children After a long and painful
Illness which he bore [in] great Resignation and
Submission and after having seen y vanities
of the world in a course of 65 years he
dyed on the 19th day of August 1732

John Thorpe and Jordan Thorpe

The inscription from a marble plaque is accompanied by a very rough translation (I am not a Latin scholar), untranslated words in braces
Infra Obdormiunt in Dno Duo Fratres
Sibimet fuisq nec non Omnibus qui illos
Penitissime noverunt, merito Charissimi
Johannes Thorpe A: B: č: Coll: Trin: Oxon
ubi Obit 5° Decemberis Ano xt 1695
Ętatis 19° Ano & 10 mens
Jordanus Thorpe ex Eod: Coll: Comens ubi
etiam Obijt 7° Aprilis Ano Dni 1698
Ętatis 19° Ano & 9 mens
Posuit Mœrens cui a Filijs justius
Positum foret
juxta litus est pater viz Iohes Thorpe A. M. hujus
& Eccles de Burford per 33 annos vie arius obijt
28°, 7bris,  Ano Salutis 1701 Ętatis 69° [the two years set above one another in braces]
Under the {Obdormiunt in Dno} Two Brothers
They were to us not all they
inwardly know, my dearest worthy
John Thorpe A. B. from Trinity College Oxon
in which place died 5th December year put of 1695
Aged 19 years and 10 months
Jordan Thorpe of {Eod:} College: where arranged 
also discharged 7th April Year of our Lord 1698 Aged 19 years and 9 months

Giving up sadly by his sons justly
would be placed

It has happened according to the father, namely John Thorpe A. M. of this [place]
& in the church of Burford for 33 years vicar
Arius obijt 28 °, 7bris, 69 ° age of salvation 1701

Edmond Rous

On a brass plaque
Here lyeth buried ye body of
Edmond Rous genaro: deceased
ye 3 of January Ano: Dni: 1633

John Seacole and his wife

Near this place lieth
the Body of
John Seacole,
of this parish, who
Departed this life the
29th of December 1708
Aged 63 years
Also Elizabeth his wife
who Died November ye
22r AD 1726 Aged 70 yr

Richard Hill

There is a badly worn flat slab to Richard HILL which seems to date from the early 19th C. In addition to Richard it mentions "Also in Memory of John HILL who died" and carries the words "d 11" . . . "178[7?]" . . . "Son of " . . ."HILL" . . ."1812". I did not have time to try and make any more of this

Selected monuments from the churchyard

William Hemming

Affectionate remembrance
William Hemming
of Burford
Who died Oct 27 1876
Aged 74 years
He rests from his labours
Also of
Susannah Hemming
Wife of the above
Who died May 16 1887
Aged 83 Years

Thomas Minchin, his wife & his sons Richard and Thomas

On two identical headstones, placed alongside one another
To the Memory of
Sons of THOMAS and
RICHARD died  Oct [portion missing]
Aged 20 Years
THOMAS died April 20
Aged 26 Years
To the Memory of
who died Dec 18th 1849:
Aged 65 Years
also of MARY ANN
wife of the above
who died June 1718
Aged 17 years

Mary Howse and her daughter Jane

Two headstones, sited next to each other, one partially sunk into the ground
In remembrance of
Jane the only daughter of
William & Mary Howse
late of
Swinbrook [rest obscured by turf]
affectionate remembrance
Mary Howse
who died January 6th 1900
Aged 89 years
"Never here, always there"
"Thy will be done"

Joseph Collyer

Here Lyeth in hope of A Glorious
resurrection the Body of Joseph Collyer
Citizen & upholsterer in London and Son of
Thomas Collyer Acliacent who departed this
life ye 20th April Ano doni [sic] 1621 Aged 38
He left issue surviving 2 sons
and one daughter
[followed by a Latin phrase which is difficult to make out on my photographs]

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