Genealogy Notes for the Village of Deddington, County
A miscellany of pictures and data arising out of research into the KIRBY's family trees (but not all linked to them). This is a work in progress so please treat the data with appropriate caution. For related information see List, Place Index and Wills Index

Location and general description

Market Place, Deddington

A village in the north of Oxfordshire on a hilltop site bounded on three sides by the river Cherwell and its tributary streams. Nearby hamlets are Clifton and Hempton, whilst larger Adderbury lies to the north and was the location of an early Quaker meeting house. About 3 km to the West is Barford St Michael, Oxon, whils a similar distance to the south lay Duns Tew, Oxon, and North Aston, Oxon.

Deddington was formerly part of the lands held by Eynsham Abbey. 

The local stone gives a rich hue to the older buildings and is locally full of fossils. Fragments of which occasionally turn up the local fields. The picture below shows a handful found on a local footpath and gathered together for effect, the bit of belemnite is about 2cm long, so these are tiny fragments.

Fossils from fields near Deddington

The nearby hamlet of Clifton lay on the Buckingham to Burford turnpike.


Older cottages etc. 

Cottages in Banbury Road, Deddington  Priory in Hudson Street  Cottages in Banbury Road, Deddington 

Church of St Peter & St Paul

Church of St Peter & St Paul, Deddington, tower  View from Market Place to the church, Deddington  Church of St Peter & St Paul, Deddington, interior Church of St Peter & St Paul, Deddington, porch

The churchyard has burials for a few members of the EMBERLIN family of Adderbury Grounds Papermill and a couple of descendants of the branch of HATTENs from Duns Tew, Oxon.

Deddington Paper Mill 

Outside the main village and to the NE lie a group of buildings marked on maps as Papermill Cottages. These are the remains of the former Deddington Papermill. In the 17th, 18th and 19th C this was worked first by the Quaker HUTTON family and then by the EMBERLINs. For more details see the history of Adderbury Grounds Papermill.

The mill was later converted to a cornmill by the STILGOEs of Adderbury Grounds Farm. Most of its buildings have now been converted for dwelling, but in 2008 the mill itself lay derelict (apparently awaiting a beaurocratic concensus on its future).


A selection of those that had, or might have had, connections with this family. 

The HUTTON family

The HUTTON family were based at Adderbury Grounds Papermill for two generations. For more details see the history of Adderbury Grounds Papermill. That page also discusses the possible links with the HATTON papermakers of  the Burford, Oxon., area.

There was a family by the name of HATTON at Duns Tew, Oxon, a village lying only 3 km to the south of Deddington. By the 19th C many were bakers, blacksmiths and/or farmers. The Edward HATTON buried in the churchyard at Deddington appears to be from that branch.

The Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies holds a release and settlement of an estate in Maids Moreton, Buckinghamshire, on the marriage in 1750 of one William HUTTON to a Miss Mary TURNER. This also refers to an estate in Clifton near Deddington, Oxon (Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies: Uthwatt Estate, D 136/5/(1)). This family had links, by marriage, with the KEMPSTERs of Upton, Oxfordshire.

The HATTEN family

These appear to be an offshoot of the HATTON family of Duns Tew, Oxon., and apparently unrelated to the HUTTON family above.
Grey sandstone slab monument to Edward Hatten“In
Memory of
Edward Hatten
Who died
January 17th 1858
Aged 83 Years”
[This appears to be the Edward who was christened 3 Mar 1776 in Deddington, son of John]
Brown sandstone headstone to Ann, wife of Edward Hatten“In
Memory of
Ann Wife of
Edward Hatten
Died 12 March 18[46?]
Aged 86”
[This is probably the Ann ARIS who married Edward HATTEN in Duns Tew on 19 Apr 1802]

The EMBERLIN family

As the EMBERLIN family took over various paper mills from the HUTTON and HATTON family of Deddignton, Oxon., and Burford, Oxon., they may be related. There is more detail for the family inthe history of Adderbury Grounds Papermill.

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