Deddington Mill, Deddington, Oxfordshire

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About 1km NW of Deddington, Oxon, across footpaths. Deddington Mill is not to be confused with  Adderbury Grounds Papermill, Deddington, Oxon, which lies further downstream and is often called Deddington Papermill. Oxfordshire Historic Environment Record, PRN3 states that the mill is at Grid Ref SP 4561 3283 (SP4532 at  However, Wilfred Foreman gives its location as SP455 329 (Foreman, 1983, pg 106)


There is still a structure marked on the OS Map. 

The mill, which last worked on a turbine, has been stripped (Foreman, 1983, pg 106)

The name GILKES appears on retained sluice gear. (Foreman, 1983, pg 106)


The Oxfordshire Historic Environment Record, PRN3, intimates that this mill was used for paper production. However, my research has yet to discover any positive evidence for this. Furthermore, Foreman states that there was only one paper-mill in Deddington, presumably the Adderbury Grounds Mill.

On 7 June 1650 Edward WELCHMAN of Banbury, baker, assigned the remainder of the term of a 99 year lease, on property including “messuage with 3 watermills adjoining and 1 windmill belonging, in Daddington (sic) then or late held by John Welchman” (ORO,  Kem/IX/1), to Christopher GOADE of Broughton, clark (sic). This may refer to the present mill as at the time the Adderbury Grounds mill appears to have been owned by the Cartwright family of Ayhno.

On 11 Aug 1813 William LAMBERT, Miller at Deddington Mill, and his wife Hannah, Christened their daughter Elizabeth at Deddington.

On the 9th Jul 1838 Oxford Assizes tried three men accused of assulting one William MERRY of  Deddington Mill (Forsyth, Haywood and Broadbent, Pg 4)
In 1880 the mill ceased operation. (Oxfordshire Historic Environment Record PRN3)

In 1970 the mill was converted to a dwelling. (Oxfordshire Historic Environment Record PRN3)


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