Genealogy Notes for the village of Cottisford, Oxfordshire
A miscellany of pictures and data arising out of research into the KIRBY's family trees (but not all linked to them).
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Church of St Mary the Virgin

Flora Thompson memorial at Cottisford Church of St Mary the Virgin, entrance Church of St Mary the Virgin, interior Church of St Mary the Virgin, exterior

Details of connections are pending identification of those that are of interest. These will include the LORD inscriptions, for which I have details.


The LORD family

In 1675, Edward ANDREWS of Lathbury, Bucks., surrendered his own rights in the Manor of Cottisford, together with those of his wife, to Laurence LORD of Fritwell, Oxon. (Lobel, 1959)

In 1676 LORD received a new lease to the manor. (Lobel, 1959)

His eldest son Laurence LORD resided at Cottisford during his father's lifetime. After his father's death at Fritwell in 1708, Laurence LORD continued renewals of the lease of the manor until 1731. He died in 1743. (Lobel, 1959)

The chancel of the church at Cottisford contains several LORD monumental inscriptions that have been documented by Ted and Joan Flaxman. They may be summarised as follows (some are in Latin, the Flaxmans give the original and a translation):

Anne relict of Lawrence Lord Esq, by whom he had 17 children. Mentions that she lived [4?]5 years as a widow and died [sep?] 25 [???2] at age 89. This appears to be the Mrs Anne Lord died 25/9/1772 buried 29/9/1772 at Cottisford, mentioned in the registers of Culworth, Northants (Flaxman, pg 17)

In chancel floor, a slab to Lydia Lord, daughter of Lawrence Lord late of Cottisford who died 18 Jan 178[3 or 5] aged 62. Also Eliza Lord last surviving daughter of Lawrence Lord esq. by his wife Anne, who died 9 march 1793 aged 76. The Cottisford register lacks a Lydia burial, but have a 15/3/1793 burial of Elisabeth Lord, 75, from Culworth. (Flaxman, pg 18)

There is a memorial in Latin that the Flaxmans state was originally recorded by Rawlinson in 1718. It refers to Elizabeth Lord, first-born daughter of Laurence Lord, esquire, and Anne, his wife, who was born on 27 August 1703, and buried four days later. It then mentions another sister with the same name and William a 'premature little flower' before stating 'They died on the 12 and 22 December, the daughter aged one, he aged 5, in the year 1712'. (Flaxman, pg 18)

The Flaxmans state that the burials register has 

A rather uncertain Latin inscription in the chancel floor appears to relate to Lawrence Lord, esquire who died aged about 63 'with four sons and five daughters surviving him Sad if you count eight other issue which his wife bore him'. The incomplete text also mentions dropsey and August 1727. Cottisford burials register has - 25/8/1727 Lawrence Lord Esqre (Flaxman, pg 23).

In his Will dated 18 Fen 1726, Lawrence LORD of Cottesford left the Manor of 'Kemis' in Monmouth, together with the advowson and Right of Donation of the church there, to his son Lawrence LORD. He also left land in the parishes of 'Kemis',  'Lanwishant' and 'Llankennoy'. This would appear to refer to the Kemeys, Monmouthshire and Llantrisant, Monmouthshire from which region sprang the KEMEYS family into which married the BRAY family of Shilton, Oxfordshire (formerly Berkshire) and the FETTIPLACE family of Swinbrook, Oxfordshire.

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