Clatterford Papermill, Clatterford, Isle of Wight

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Location and general description

Located on the Isle of Wight, near the village of Clatterford, Hants, and less than 1Km SW of Carrisbrook Castle.


Apparently completely destroved by fire in 1832. No masonry remains have been found.

History (from 1710 to 1756)

In 1708 there appears to have been a fulling mill on the site.

In 1710 an emigrant from the Palatinate (a general 18th C term for German emigrants)came to the Isle of Wight and established an papermill.

In 1711 Isaac TIPPS married locally and was then described as a papermaker of Carrisbrook.

By 1756 the mill was described as having been late in the possession Isaac TIPPS, deceased.

On 1 and 2 June 1756 (RP/123), land was transferred by Lease and Release between John SHUTE of the Vine, ants., Esq. and John BUSSELL of the parish of Arreton, Gent. the papers being endorsed 'papermill'. The latter was brother and heir of Anthony SHUTE of the VIne, deceased, who was devisee of Francis KECK of Great Tew, Oxon, Esq., deceased


The TIPPS family On 2 April, A.D. 1711, Christian RUTTER of Newport, Isle of Wight, Married Isaac Tipps, papermaker, of Carrisbrooke, at Carrisbrooke or Newport. Source: Hampshire Allegations for Marriage Licences, Vol. 2. (cited by Clem Rutter, 2004)

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