Genealogy Notes for Chedworth, Gloucestershire

A miscellany of pictures and data arising out of research into the KIRBY's family trees (but not all linked to them). This is a work in progress so please treat the data with appropriate caution. For related information see, Ancestor List, Place Index and Wills Index

View over a low stone wall to a limestone built church with a tower

Location and general description

Chedworth is a small village of Cotswold stone cottages, strung along the balley side above a tributary of the River Coln. 

Cotswold stone cottages beside a lane that is awash with cow parsley bloom


St Andrew's Church.

View toward the porch of a church with a tower The church itself contains monuments to various people including BALLINGER, RADWAY, ROGERS. The chest tombs to the right of the porch are RADWAY monuments.

Row of closely packed Cotswold stone headstones in the shade of a yew

A slab monument and a chest tomb , to the right of the previous groupThe churchyard contain a number of monuments that are of potential interest, including this TURK chest tomb and group of headstones 


The TURK family of Chedworth, who appear to have links with the TURK family of Coln Rogers, have a group of monuments in the graveyard. 

Chest tomb, viewed from a low angle, with the church behind
Chest tomb with inscriptions as follows:

"In memory of Charles Turk of Coln St Denis who died November 30th 1834 Aged 78 years."
This Charles appears to be the one christened on 13 Nov 1756 at Coln Rogers, Gloucs.

"In memory of Elizabeth daughter of William & Mary Turk who died October 25th 1805 Aged 13 years."
Therefore born around 1792.

Top half of a flat slab, showing inscription Adjacent to this chest is a slab bearing the following memorial:
"In loving memory of
Charles Turk
who died June 7th 178[3?]
E[a?] 6[4?]
and of Joyce his wife
who died Oct 7th 180[0?]
Ea 69." 
These appear to be the Charles TURK and Joyce HATHAWAY who were married at Chedworth on 19 Nov 1755. The respective likely birth years are  1719 and 1731. At the time of his marriage this Charles TURK was of  Coln Rogers, Gloucs.
  Another slab, almost completely overgrown, shows:
"[? covered]emory of
Simon Hathaway Tu[? covered]
Who died April 1 [? covered]"
Inscribed slab, partially buried by turf Adjacent to the Charles TURK chest tomb, and so possibly related, is a slab bearing the following inscriptions to COURT:
"In memory of Mary the wife
of Thomas Court She died
Jan'y 30 1782 aged 60 years
also of Thomas Court
He died Feb'y 16 1808 aged 75 years"
This suggests they were born around 1722 and 1733 respectively.
Inscribed Cotswold stone headstone
Amongst the collection of TURK headstones in the shade of a yew. 
"In memory of Mary wife of William Turk who died Aug 17 179[6?] aged [3]0 years Also of Phebe Ann daughter of Will'm and Mary Turk who died Oct 21 1791 aged 1 year" 
The group also appears to contain the accompanying footstone
"MT 1796
PAT 179[1?]"
Inscribed Cotswold stone headstone, moderately ornamented Amongst the collection of TURK headstones in the shade of a yew.
"In memory of John TURK who died [stone broken and repaired and unreadable in this section] April 17[8?]7 aged [probably 22, but could be 88, 66, or 11]"
The group also appears to contain the accompanying footstone "JT 1787"
  Amongst the collection of TURK headstones in the shade of a yew.
"Methusala[?] [T?????] who departed this life Ma[???] [12?] 1799 Aged 29 years My [??] and [??? this last section appears to be an epitaph]"
Solitary Cotswold stone headstone Standing on its own
"In memory
Robert Turk
who died Aug 11th 1837
Aged 75 Years"
Therefore born about 1762.
  The following footstone in the shade of the yew was not mattched up to a headstone, but would seem likely to apply to the TURK family:
  • MT 1802
    RT 1812
Part of stone with Turk inscribed twice A slab with no readable inscription except the word Turk repeated twice in small letters. From the alignment of the words, this does not look to be part of a formal inscription.

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