Broughton Papermill, Broughton, Oxfordshire

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Foreman gives location as SP236 040 (i.e. in Broughton Poggs, near Filkins), however he notes that the mill is on the Sore Brook (i.e. implying the mill was in Broughton, near North Newington). He queries whether this was the Upper Fulling Mill shown on Davis Map with SP419 381 representing the lower (Foreman, 1983, pg 102). Therefore the latter seems more likely (SP4138 at There is a fulling mill at SP418 384.


Only remains are the hub of the wheel and some stone paved waterways. (Foreman, 1983, pg 102)

History (from 1696 to 1852)

Fulling then paper. (Foreman, 1983, pg 102)

On 24 April 1696 John BALL, of Fulling Mill, buried his wife Elizabeth. (Broughton with North Newington Parish Register)

On 18 Aug 1696 William KING, of  Fulling Mill, Christened a son James (Broughton with North Newington Parish Register)

I have yet to obtain any evidence for the status of the mill in the majority of the 18th C

On 19 April 1795, Benjamin ELLNOOD of Broughton, papermaker, and his wife Ann, buried a son Thomas (Broughton Parish Records)

On 27 May 1797 William STRINGER, of Broughton, papermaker, buried his wife Elizabeth (Broughton Parish Register)

From 1813 the parish records for Christenings in the parish of  Broughton with North Newington tend to give father's professions. They also differentiate between individuals from Broughton and North Newington. The villages are so close that it would be possible for an individual to live in one and work in the other, however, in the absence of other evidence, I have assumed that they worked in the villages in which they lived.

On Feb 12 1825 William MALINS, bachelor of the parish of Kingsey, Bucks., married Maria EMBERLIN, spinster of this parish. The witnesses being Wm EMBERLIN and J EMBERLIN. MALINS and EMBERLIN families are also found at Adderbury Grounds Papermill, Deddington, Oxon.

On 12 Nov 1831 William SELLERS was involved in an indenture. A few days later the London Gazette (Issue 18879, 2 December 1831) carried the following notice
NOTICE is hereby given, that Thomas Wood, of Moreton, in the County of Berks, Paper-Manufacturer, and John Rainsford, of the City of Oxford, Mercer, the Assignee of the estate and effects of John Evans, late of the same City, Paper-Manufacturer, a Bankrupt , and who was lately a Copartner with the said Thomas Wood, in the trades of Paper-Makers and Stationers, have by indenture, dated th e 12th day of November 1821 [sic 1831?], assigned all the estate and effects of the said John Evans and Thomas Wood, as such Copartners to William Hickman, of Rutland-Place, Thames-Street, in the City of London, Merchant, William Emberlin, of Deddington, in the County of Oxford, Paper-Maker, William Sellers, of Broughton, in the. same County, Paper-Maker, in trust for all the Creditors of the said John Evans and Thomas Wood, as such Partners as aforesaid, according to the quantum of their respective debts, and which said indenture was executed by the said Thomas Wood, John Rainsford, and William Emberlin, on the day it bears date, by the said William Hickman on the 15th day of November instant, and by the said William Sellers on the 18th day of November instant, and is attested as to the execution thereof by the said Thomas Wood, John Rainsford, William Hickman, and William Emberlin, by William Brunner, of the City of Oxford, Attorney at Law, and as to the execution by the said said William Sellers, by Benjamin Aplin, of Banbury, in the said County of Oxford, Attorney at Law; and the said deed is left at the Office of Mr. Crews Dudley, in Oxford, for signature by the Creditors. — Oxford, the 19th November 1831.

On 7 Feb 1843, William SELLARS of Broughton, paper manufacturer, and his wife Rebecca, christened twins (Broughton with North Newington Parish Register)

On 18 April 1852, George SAUNDERS of Broughton, papermaker, and Rebecca his wife, christened a daughter, though other christenings for this family have then as of North Newington (Broughton with North Newington Parish Register)


The genealogy of the paper making families has not been investigated yet


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