Genealogy Notes for the Village of Broadwell, Oxfordshire
A miscellany of pictures and data arising out of research into the KIRBY's family trees (but not all linked to them). This is a work in progress so please treat the data with appropriate caution. For related information see List, Place Index and Wills Index

Location and general description

Remains of cross and Saints Peter & Paul's, Broadwell

A tiny settlement dominated by cotswold stone farms, manor houses and an impressive church.



Saints Peter & Paul's Church

The size of this church seems out of all proportion to its accompanying village. However it houses monuments to the COLSTON family


The COLSTON family

Several impressive memorials in the church. Alexander READY took the name COLSTON.

Colston Memorial in Saints Peter & Paul's, Broadwell Edwards, Ready and Colston Memorial, Saints Peter & Paul's Church, Broadwel

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The nearby villages include Kencot, Oxon.


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