Genealogy Notes for Binfield, Berkshire

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Location and general description

 The 1801 census recorded 808 inhabitants, 1821 found 1057, and by 1841 this had only grown to 1242.
 Gates of Binfield Manor (now boarded for privacy)  
The village, part of which was once in Wiltshire, stands in the midst of a countryside characterised by substantial mansions with their accompanying parklands. 
The village lies within 6 km of Bracknell, Downshire and Easthampsted


Binfield Manor

Binfield Manor, was built by William PITT, the Prime Minister in 1754.  Pitt died in 1806, some years before the first record of the BULL family in Binfield, however their grandmother was buried at Swallowfield, Berks, site of another PITT family mansion.

All Saints' Church

All Saints, Binfield, Berkshire Puddingstone tower of All Saints, Binfield
All Saints, the Parish church of Binfield stands somewhat north of the main village and alongside an impressive'Priory'.  The churchyard is a wildlife haven, full of primroses and other wild flowers, whilst much of the church is built of an attractive brown puddingdstone. In 1816, a year before Louisa Mary Bull was christened in Binfield, John Constable spent his honeymoon in the village and sketched the church.
There are no Bull or Hatton inscriptions in the church or headstones associated with any of the churches in Binfield (Binfield Public Library has, in its Local History section, a list produced by an anonymous local historian). However, there is a grave for one Richard Harton Feb 25 1829 (aged 75) and his wife Esther, Jul 12 1828 aged 6(3?).


The POPE family

Amongst the famous former residents of Binfield is numbered the poet Alexander POPE. POPE whose father, a Linen Draper of London and a Roman Catholic, retired to Binfield around 1700. Through the persecuted Catholic community of Binfield Alexander came to the notice of Sir William TRUMBULL of Easthamstead. At that time Anthony ENGLEFIELD, a great lover of poetry, also lived near Reading. POPE was on good terms with, and paid frequent and protracted visits to both Chancellor HARCOURT at Stanton Harcourt, Oxon (in the Windrush Valley) and Lord BATHURST at Oakley.

The LEE family

The LEE family owned lands in Binfield and were related to the TRUMBULL family  of  Easthampstead Park, the SANDYS family, the LYBBE family of Hardwick, Oxon, the ALEXANDER family of Binfield (the Earls of Stirling), the HILL family of Downshire and the TIPPING family of Wheatfield.

The BULL family

During the early 19th C the BULL family christened their childrenin Binfield. These were great granchildren of Thomas HATTON of Widford, Oxon, and Elizabeth JORDAN of Upton, Oxon.

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