Genealogy Notes for the village of Aldbourne, Wiltshire
A miscellany of pictures and data arising out of research into the KIRBY's family trees (but not all linked to them). This is a work in progress so please treat the data with appropriate caution. For related information see List, Place Index and Wills Index

Location and general description

A small village about 6 miles SE of Swindon.


No buildings have yet been identified that had, or might have had, connections with this family. 


The HATTON family

The 1765 Will of Colonel Thomas HATTON of Saville Row (in the Parish of St James, Westminster) bequeathed land in Ogbourne St. George, Ogbourne St. Andrew, both in Wilts., Bagshot, Surrey and Albourne, Wilts. Col Thomas was probably related in some way to Charity MICHELL (nee HATTON), wife of Simon MICHELL and mother of  Richard MICHELL of Dorton who married Elizabeth TASH (daughter of Sir John TASH, vintner of London), for one Simon MICHELL witnessed his lease on his Saville Row property. Charity's brother Richard HATTON of Lincolns Inn was involved with Simon MICHELL, and Stephen WORRALL in building projects in Spitalfields, London.

Colonel Thomas HATTON also owned shares in the Dury Lane Theatre Company, one of the proprieters of which, James LACEY, built Eynsham Hall, in Eynsham, Oxon.

In the early 19th C there was a Hatton House in Bagshot. It was insured by Eliab Harvey BRETON in 1828 (Sun Fire Office, MS 11936/512/1074919). Eliab BRETON features frequently amidst the papers of the CONNOP family of Enfield, Middlesex. He was the husband of Elizabeth WOLSTENHOLME, great grandaughter of Alderman Sir Nicholas RAINTON of Enfield, Middlesex. Sir Nicholas was potentially related to the BRAY family in Shilton, Oxon, through William RAINTON of Bibury, Gloucs. Sir Nicholas was the Brother-in-Law of Mary WOLSTENHOLME (nee HATTON), whose father had been active in Ireland.

The NICHOLAS family

Sir Oliver NICHOLAS of Awborne [sic] was possibly involved with the building of the Wheler Estate in Spitalfields, the area where Simon MICHELL (husband of Charity HATTON) would later be involved in estate building. His daughter Frances NICHOLAS, by his wife Frances REEVE, married Francis HATTON of Mortlake, Surrey, son of Alderman Sir Roger HATTON of All Hallows, Barking and his wife Lucy BRODERICK of Wandsworth. 

The NICHOLAS family of Aldbourne had links with the NICHOLAS family of  Manningford.

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