Genealogy Notes for the Village of Adderbury, Oxfordshire
A miscellany of pictures and data arising out of research into the KIRBY's family trees (but not all linked to them).
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Location and general description


A medium sized village in North Oxfordshire, Adderbury lies amidst the pleasently rolling countryside to the SW of Banbury. It is a neat village with many attractive stone buildings and an interesting church. 


The Friends Meeting House

Quaker meeting house sign, Adderbury Quaker meeting house, Adderbury 
One of the earliest Quaker meeting houses in the country, dating from 1675. This little gem still survives as a meeting place, though it is now used only infrequently. The meeting itself pre-dates the building, having been established in 1656, its early mentor being the Lord of the manor at West Adderbury, Bray DOYLEY. DOYLEY, who built the meeting house at his own expense and on his own land, was imprisoned for two months for doing so. There were complaints that DOYLEY property was only let to Quakers. 


The DOYLEY family

One Christopher DOYLEY of Adderbury was the first to propose papermaking at Adderbury Grounds Papermill (which is in Deddington, Oxon). On 17 December 1678 the Banbury Quaker Meeting registered the marriage of Thomas OLLIFFE of Aylesbury, Bucks., yeom[an], and Dorothy DOILEY of Adderbury, Oxon., spinster (  RG6 / Piece 1220 / Folio 35). The long list of witnesses includes two called Christopher DOILEY and one Bray DOILEY.

On 24 January 1699, at a Friends meeting in South Newton, Oxon., John TOOVEY of Henly [sic], Oxon, Citizen and Grocer of London, son of William TOOVEY of Henly, Oxon., maulster, married Anne DOILEY of Adderbury, relict of Bray DOILEY of Adderbury. Three members of the OLLIFE family are listed as relatives (Tho's, Tho's jun'r & Dorothy). Other relatives surnames included STEEVENS, PALMER, WHEELER, HARRIS and MARKS.

The HUTTON family

The HUTTON family, who were the paper makers at Adderbury Grounds Mill in Deddington, Oxon., were associated with the Adderbury Friends meeting. Several of the children of Michael HUTTON of Deddington Mill were married there and the list of witness names gives some idea of who else was part of the Quaker community at Adderbury in the 1720s. The Quaker practice of listing many of those present at a marriage as witnesses gives some idea of the period over which the HUTTON family were worshipping at Adderbury and their depth of commitment (or lack thereof). The following table summarises this.

YearMarriageLocationFamily members present (surname HUTTON unless specified)Relationship status
1750John WYATT & Anne GOFFEHook NortonAnne Undifferentiated
1743William ALBRIGHT & Mary KINGSouth NewtonMichaelUndifferentiated
1734-1737 accidentally omitted from the search.
1732John HUTTON & Hannah LAMBBanburyMich., Thomas, Jane BUSBY, Anne COXRelations
1732Joseph KING & Mary HITCHMANHook NortonMichael HATTON, ThomasOther
1731John FARDON & Elizabeth POTTINGERAdderburyMichael, Thomas, John, Anne COXUndifferentiated
1729Thomas ELLIOT & Sarah KENDALLAdderburyJohn, Anne COXUndifferentiated
1729Benjamin KIDD & Mary BUSBY, widBanburyMichael Undifferentiated
1729William BUSBY & Jane HUTTONSouth NewtonMich'l, John, Tho's, Anne COX, Sarah Undifferentiated
1728Michael HUTTON & Sarah SMITHAdderburyJohn, Thomas, Jane, Anne COXUndifferentiated
1726John HALFORD & Mary ROBINSONSouth NewingtonMichael, Josiah COXRelatives
1725Benjamin CALCUT & Sarah TOMSONBanburyMichaelOther
1725Thomas FOWLER & Sarah MARRIAGEAdderburyJohn, Michael, Thomas, Josiah COXOther
1725Timms ARCHER & Sarah WARDSibford GowerMichaelOther
1724John BUSBEROW & Hannah GILKESSib. GowerMichael Other
1724Robert REYNOLDS & Mary BOISSYBanburyMich'lUndifferentiated
1724Josiah COX & Anne HUTTONAdderburyTho's, Mich'll, JnoUndifferentiated
1723Richard MAULE & Rebecca BURBEROWAdderburyJane, ThoOther
1722John WATTS & Mary AUSTINAdderburyAnne, MichaellUndifferentiated
1721John TOMSON & Mary TIMSONAdderburyThos, Anne, John, Mich, JaneUndifferentiated
1721William MORTON & Ann WHITERBanburyMich'llUndifferentiated
1719John MARSHALL & Mary ADKINSAdderburyThos, Ann, JaneUndifferentiated
1718/19Thomas GILKES & Priscilla COALESAdderburyAnne, Mich'llUndifferentiated
1718Benjamin COALES & Anne BUSBEROWAdderburyJohn, Anne, JaneOther
1718John MASON & Hannah MAYOEAdderburyJosiah COXRelation
Anne, JaneOther
1717Timothy BURBEROW & Mary KINGAdderburyMich'11Relation
John, Jane, AnneOther
1717Edward SPENDLOVE & Mary FRENCHHook NortonMich'11Other
1716William PAXFORD & Elizabeth BURBEROWAdderburyJno, Jane, AnneOther
1713Jno BEVINGTON & Sarah BURBEROWAdderburyJane, Anne, JnoOther
1713William GOFFE & Elizabeth BURBEROWAdderburyJane, Anne, JnoUndifferentiated
1713Jacob THOMAS & Sarah SHEPPARDBanburyMichaell, JaneOther
1713Richard AUSTIN & Abigail SMITHAdderburyJaneUndifferentiated
1708William MARSHALL & Sarah TYLERBanburyJane, Michaell , Anne Undifferentiated
1707Richard HAYNES & Mary CATER (wid)BanburyJane HATTON, AnnUndifferentiated
1704Richard HEYDON & Grace HARRISSibford GowerMich. Other
1700John BULLER & Mary WEBSTERAdderburyMichaell HUTTONUndifferentiated
1699Edward ROBINSON & Elizabeth KINGSouth NewtonMichaell, Jaell Undifferentiated

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