Thomas Sullings born before 1841, probably in Essex

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Parents and family

SULLINGS is a relatively rare name with a search on an 1851 Census index returning only 90 individuals in the whole of Essex with surnames starting 'sullin'. From the probability that Thomas died around 1840 and his profession of Sawyer, it is circumstantially likely that he is the Thomas SULLINGS christened by Samuel SULLINGS, sawyer in Rochford and that his mother was Susannah GARNISH. Their family is shown on the Rochford, Essex page.



Childhood and education



Unknown before marriage.


There are several individuals shown as born in Rochford on the 1851 Census who may represent his children.
On the 1841 Census there are individuals corresponding to the above Sarah, Eliza and Martha in the Orsett Union Workhouse, listed on the same age sorted page and aged 5, 7 and 10 respectively, together with a Henry SULLINGS, aged 12, on a previous page. Henry seems to have dissapeared by 1851 but a Thomas SULLINGS  the same age as him and also born in Rochford seems to have appeared as a carpenter's apprentice.

About about 1822-23 Thomas' daughter Susan SULLINGS was born in Rochford, Essex.

On 25 Sep 1842 the  marriage certificate of his daughter Susan referred to him as Thomas SULLINGE, Sawer.

Last Will and Testament


The marriage of Martha SULLINGS to Henry LEWIS in 1857 gives her father's name as Thomas SULLINGS and states that he was dead. Henry was Susan SULLINGS' brother in law as his son is described as her nephew. Martha was in the Orsett Union Workhouse in 1841 and there is no sign of Thomas. From the presence of, what appear to be, two of Thomas' other children in the Orsett Union Workhouse in 1841 it is probable that he died between 1836 and 1841. There was a Thomas SULLINGS death registered in Rochford, Essex in 1840. However, registration only started in 1838 and the parish registers have still to be checked for earlier deaths.



Descendants and notable relations

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