Phoebe Catherine Stevens born about 1851 in Barking, Essex

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Parents and family


Probable birth registration is one of
There are no other immediate candidates. Her age is given as 10m on the 1851 Census which was taken on the 31st March 1851, suggesting she was born in May 1850. This makes the former the more likely, but a delay in registration could put her in the latter.

Childhood and education

The 1851 Census lists her family at Beehive, Barking, Essex. At which time the comprised:
The 1861 Census lists her family at Leyton, Essex (no street or house details given). At which time the comprised:


The 1871 Census lists her family at Woodford B[ri]dg[e] Rd, Wanstead, Essex. At which time the comprised:


On 2 June 1873 she married Alfred HICKS. The account of their life together may be found in the biography of  Alfred HICKS.

Last Will and Testament



1 Jan 1922, aged 72. Her obituary states that 'For many years she has acted as a monthly nurse, and has assisted hundreds of Loughtonians into the world.' The death registration would appear to be that of Phoebe C HICKS, aged 71, registered in the March Quarter of 1922 in the Epping, Essex, registration area (Vol 4a, Pg 679)


5 Jan 1922 in Loughton Cemetary (a cryptic note refers a missing 'note on her son Herbert's burial' as the source of the location).

Descendants and notable relations

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