John Sharp, born abt 1824 in Langridge, Somerset

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Parents and family

Baptism record gives as Edmund SHARP, labourer, and Martha.


About 1824, in Langridge, Somerset, from Census records. Baptised 15 May 1824 at St Mary Magdalene, Langridge, male son of Edmund SHARP, labourer, and Martha.

Childhood and education



Chapel Farm, Lansdown In 1841 John was at Chapel Farm in Lansdown, Somerset. At that time the CROSS family and his future wife Mary are listed in the immediately previous entry.
Chapel Farm is just across the road from Lansdown Racecourse.

Despite prolonged searching I have been unable to find John SHARP on the 1851 Census on the index to which I subscribe. The only Sharp listed in Langridge at that time is listed after Court FarmThomas appears to be the son of John of Anne BRYANT (the latter aged 35 in 1861 and born in Langridge).

Marriage to Mary Cross

The Bath BMD project lists only a single marriage for John SHARP to a wife with the initial M in the relevant period. It is for 1855, the year immediately before his first son John was born. The details are John SHARP & Mary CROSS. Married at All Saints Church, Weston. It was registered at bath and the reference given is C22/1/418.

On the 1861 Census John is listed at 1 Crew Cottages, Langridge, Somerset. There was also a No. 2 Crew Cottages in 1861 and locals at Langridge believed that this was probably the former name for a couple of cottages that lie just uphill from the old Schoolhouse. The number of cottages has been altered to three within living memory but the shell of the building is still there. It is completely hidden from the street by the high hedges round raised front gardens. However, it may be seen from the opposite hillside.

In 1871 John and the 15 year old John Edmund Sharp were recorded as living in Langridge, Somerset. They are listed immediately after 'School with Schoolhouse' (which seemed to comprise a school and a seperate schoolhouse), so were probably still at Crew Cottages. At that time the family comprised:
On the 1881 Census the family are listed at Lansdown, Somerset. At that time it comprised -
Following the death of Ellen's mother and in the absence of her father John and Mary seem to have taken responsibility for her.

Last Will and Testament



Possible death registration is John SHARP, aged 60 (i.e. born 1824), 1884, Bath, Sep Quarter, Vol 5c, Pg 399.

It appears probable that Mary survived John by three years to die in 1887. See the biography of Mary CROSS.


Descendants and notable relations

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