Benjamin Pritchard born about 1813 in Bloomsbury, London

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Parents and family

The 1841 Census entry suggests that his mother's name may have been Ann. 


Based on the 1851 Census this would have been about 1813 and in Bloomsbury, London.

Childhood and education



Unknown prior to marriage.


In about 1838 (according to the 1841 Census) their daughter Martha PRITCHARD was born somewhere in Middlesex. Probable registration is Martha Mary PRITCHARD,Sep Quarter 1837, Shoreditch,  2, 162. Shoreditch registration area spanned areas in both London and Middlesex.

In about 1840 (according to the 1851 Census) their son Benjamin PRITCHARD was born in St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey. Probable registration  Benjamin PRITCHARD,December Quarter 1839, St Saviours, 4, 447. Benjamin would later become a warehouseman in a straw hat warehouse. He married Agnes M [CHEESE?]

The 1841 Census lists him at Wellington Place, St Mary Newington, Lambeth, London. At which time the family comprised:
An Ann PRITCHARD death was registered in Sep Quarter 1843 in Newington, who might be the older lady on this census entry. Details not requested yet.

In about 1843 (according to the 1851 Census) their daughter Mary A PRITCHARD was born in Newington, London, Surrey. Probable registration is PRITCHARD, Mary Ann, Dec Quarter 1842, Newington, 4, 327.

The 1851 Census lists him at 1 Marble Court, St Olaves, Southwark, Surrey. At which time the family comprised

In about Jun 1850 (according to the 1851 Census) their son Henry PRITCHARD was born in St John's Southwark, Surrey. Probable registration is Henry Pritchard, Jun Quarter 1850, St Olave Southwark, 4a 512.

In about 1857 (according to the 1861 Census) their daughter Minnie Charlotte PRITCHARD was born in Bermondsey, Surrey. Between 1856 & 1858 the only one candidate registration.  Charlotte PRITCHARD, 1856, September Quarter, St Olave S, 1d, 33.

After his death Minnie Charlotte PRITCHARD gave her father's occupation on her marriage certificate as 'Slater'

Last Will and Testament

Unknown if he left one.


Martha was widowed at some point between the census of 1851 and that of 1861.

The name Benjamin PRITCHARD is not a common one and there are only 12 death registrations in that name between 1851 and 1861. There is a probable death registration for a Benjamin PRITCHARD in Jun Quarter 1859 St Olave, Southwark, London/Surrey, 1d 28. This being the only one that is certainly in London (there is one in 1855 whose location is not readable), is also in the region in which he was last recorded on the Census.
The St Olave region covers Bermondsey, Horsleydown, Rotherhithe, and three districts of Southwark.

Under the heading Middlesex Sessions, Reynolds's [sic] Newspaper carried the following tragic account of his death: 

Determined Suicide in a Water-butt. --- On Mon-
day, Mr W. Payne, the coroner for Southwark, received
information of the death of Mr. Benjamin Pritchard, of
Long Lane, Bermondsey, who committed self-destruction.
The deceased has been in a very desponding state of mind
for some weeks past. On the previous Saturday morn-
ing he got out of bed and put his trousers on, and
went down stairs. His wife on going into the yard was
horrified at finding him drowned in the water-butt. No
cause is assigned.

                                                   Reynolds's Newspaper, London, England. 24 Apr 1859



Descendants and notable relations

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