Harriet Elizabeth Lloyd born about 1864 in Whitechapel, London

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Parents and family

On her marriage certificate she claims that her father was John LLOYD, a clerk.

On the 1901 Census, where she is head of the household, she gives the relationship to one Harriet WAYLETT, as "mother." The appearance of one William COTTON as a witness on the marriage certificate for George WAYLETT and Harriet Sophia LLOYD, and the agreement between her age and birthplace and that of Harriet Sophia WAYLETT, confirm that Harriet LLOYD, with which she appears on the 1881 Census, is her mother.

The Censuses infer that her mother, Harriet, and that she was born in about 1843 and in St Botolphs (on the 1891 census "St Botolphs, Cornwall," but on the 1881 and 1901 census "St Botolphs, London"). To compound the difficulty there are four St Botolph's churches in London. St. Botolph without Aldgate is in the Whitechapel registration district in which her daughter Harriet appears to have been born. The other three St Botolphs are in the East London Registration District.

FreeBMD lists 12 Harriet Sophia birth registrations in London or Middlesex in the period 1842-5. Searching for marriages of a Harriet S, anywhere in the country to a soundex of the surnames for these people brought up nothing like LLOYD. Trying a similar exercise, but matching with John rather than LLOYD turns up a possible (assuming that there has been a transcription error).
Harriet EDWARDS & John HYDE (HYDE sounds vaguely similar, begins with a double vertical strokes and has the letters "yd" at the end, the "e" being optional), Dec 1859, Lambeth. On the 1851 Census this Harriet EDWARDS looks to be in Amersham, Beaconsfield.. However, there is also a Harriet P EDWARDS, born 1843 with no place of Birth and in St Luke, Old Street. There also happens to be a John LLOYD, born 1841, listed in St Luke, Old Street. This may merit further investigation.

There are no John LLOYD marriages to a Harriet at Gretna Green ten years either side of Harriet's birth.


Various Census records give her birth as Whitechapel, Mile End, and Bethnal Green. However, these are within a mile and a half of each other. There are no other major places within the triangle formed by these three so she was probably born somewhere in the area between them.
Her birthplace is stated as Possible registrations are (the earlier being the more likely) -

Childhood and education

On the 1871 Census she is listed at 3 Wells Yard, Whitechapel, London, Middlesex. The family unit comprised -


On the 1881 Census she is listed at 11 Handley Rd, Hackney, London. She was boarding with William COTTON, for whom her mother, Harriet, was housekeeper. The unit comprised -
She gave her occupation 'Fancy Box Maker' ('Maker' looks like 'Maller' on the census image. Comparison with 'Match Maker' on the same page shows that the author's 'k' is written as two vertical strokes the second bent to touch the first. So the 'll' is probably a badly written 'k'. Similarly the visitors name could be BOOKER rather than BOOBLER) Handley Road is still there and is in the parish of South Hackney (about 250m from Morpeth Road, where she was later living when she married)


On 24 March 1883, at the Parish Church of South Hackney, she married George COOK. The account of their life together continues in the biography of George COOK.

Time as a widow

At some point before the 1901 Census (probably 1900) her husband died.

On the 1901 Census she is still at 3 Jupp Road, then part of West Ham, Essex. At which time the family comprised -
Also listed at 3 Jupp Road were the family of William HUNT

As William was from Cambridge there may be some relation to her late husband.

On the 1911 Census she and her family have moved to 18 Tavistock Road, Stratford. At which time the family comprised -

As Harriet was still quite young when George died and had young children, she would probably have re-married if that were possible, though this does not appear to have happened before 1911.

On 8 Dec 1915 her son George Abram Josiah COOK enlisted, giving his address as 18 Tavistock Road, Stratford, and naming his mother "Harriet COOK" as his next of kin.

On 6 May 1917 one George Abraham Josiah Cook died. He was a Private in the Coy of London, serving in Eastern/London/South East, Service no 7397, and had given his next of kin as his mother, Harriet H. Cook. From this it appears that Harriet was still alive in 1917 and had still not re-married. He gave his age as 29 and his occupation as Compositor & storehand Bank England

Last Will and Testament

None known.


Unknown. The Harriet COOK death candidates prior to 1928 are -
I have yet to look for possible deaths later than that date.



Descendants and notable relations

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