John Hicks born abt 1780 in Essex

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Yet to be summarised. He was reasonably wealthy and had 11 children, 6 sons and 5 daughters.

Parents and family

Other than a birth county and approximate date (1781 +/-5), the only other clue I currently have to who John's parents might have been is the ownership of the land on which his family worked. Two Quaker families, HICKS and SMITH, owned much of the farmland around Barfield Saling, Essex. John HICKS of Great Bardfield, Essex, gentleman, left in his Will, probated in 1854, freehold and leasehold lands (see Wills Index), and a tenement mill, all in Barfield Saling, Essex. These he left to his wife Elizabeth for her life and then to his nephew Charles HICKS of Barfield Saling, Essex. This family's genealogy is relatively well understood from Quaker Birth, Marriage and Burial records. They were the descendants of William HICKS of Felsted, Essex. and John was born on 15 Jul 1779 in Great Saling, Essex, son of George HICKS and his wife Sarah.

Other researchers have cited John HICKS and Susannah PERRY as his parents. For the time being I have followed their lead. However, as John's earliest daughter is christened Elizabeth I am beginning to wonder if I am looking at two families and seeing one.   


According to the 1841 Census John was born about 1781 (+/- 5) and somewhere in Essex. 

Childhood and education


Employment prior to marriage


Marriage to Susannah Perry

On 12 Oct 1800 John married Susannah PERRY in Barfield Saling, Essex.

On 31 Mar 1801 his daughter Elizabeth HICKS was born. She was Christened on 26 Apr 1801 at Barfield Saling, Essex.

On 17 Jan 1803 his son Jeremiah HICKS was born. He was Christened on the 6 Mar 1803 at Barfield Saling, Essex. He Married: 1) Jane, before 1841; 2) Harriet PARTNER, probably Dec Quarter 1871, Dunmow registration district, Essex.

On 9 Feb 1807 his daughter Hannah HICKS was born. She was Christened on 14 Jun 1807 at Barfield Saling, Essex.

On 16 Feb 1809 his daughter Susannah HICKS was Christened at Barfield Saling, Essex

About 16 Apr 1810 his daughter Mary HICKS was Christened at Bardfield Saling, Essex.

About 4 May 1812 his son John HICKS was born in Barfield Saling, Essex. I have yet to find a christening. Married Sarah STAINES, daughter of Benjamin STAINES, 30 April 1830.

On 13 May 1814 his son Jonas HICKS was born. He was Christened 15 Jul 1814 at Barfield Saling, Essex. He married Eliza. Died 1867?

On 23 Mar 1816 his son Robert HICKS was born. He was Christened  on 21 Dec 1816 at Barfield Saling, Essex. He married Sarah (either SAVILL or WILLIS?)

On 5 May 1819 his son Oberill Asshus HICKS was born. He was Christened on 27 Jun 1819 at Barfield Saling, Essex. This name is so bizzare that it is probably a transcription error. Oberill is a rare surname, it may relate to the preceding person or have been given in rememberence of someone. It might just conceivably also be a transcription error for a name such as Daniel. The second name could be a transcription error for Arthur.

On 12 Jul 1821 his daughter Susannah HICKS was born. She was Christened on 26 Aug 1821 at Barfield Saling, Essex.

On 26 Dec 1823 his son George HICKS was born. He was Christened on the 29 Feb 1824 at Barfield Saling, Essex. He married Rebecca JOHNSON, 26 Dec 1852.

On the 1841 Census John is listed at Crow Green in Barfield Saling, Essex. The entry is difficult to interpret as there are a large number of family groups listed under 'ditto' for what appears to be Brscy Up. Occasionally groups are seperated by double strikes rather than single strikes.
listed in order are
  • / Benj'n STAINES, 65, Ag Lab, born in county
  • Sarah STAINES, 60, , born in county
  • / John HICKS, 60, Ind't, born in county
Benjamin and Sarah are the parents of Sarah STAINES, who married his son John HICKS (1812-)
/....then follows
Martin WILLIS and his family, Henry PHILLIPS, John ROBINSON and his family, Elizabeth HARDY and her family, John ADAMS and his family
followed by ...
  • / Susan HICKS, 60, , born in county
  • Arthur HICKS, 20, Ag Lab, born in county
  • George HICKS, 17, Ag Lab, born in county
  • /Mary PERRY, 80, born in county
  • // .....
This Susan is the sort of age one might infer for Susannah HICKS (nee PERRY). The latter had a son, George HICKS, born in Dec 1823 and so would have been 17 or 18. She also had a son who would have been aged about 22 (which the census would round to 20 or 25) and may have been called Arthur.

That John could live by independant means suggests that he was fairly well off.

Last Will and Testament

None known.


Not known. After the 1841 Census but believed to be before the 1861 Census. John does not appear of the 1851 Census, but this is probably because the 1851 records for the Bardfield Saling area were lost. The BMD index has no John HICKS death registered in Dunmow district between 1840  and 1852. Thereafter there were two before 1861:


Not known.

Descendants and notable relations

To be continued...


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