Who was Thomas Hatton of Widford's father?

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A man from a wealthy family?

Thomas HATTON was a paper maker and so would have served as a paper making apprentice or been informally trained by his father. The earliest mention of a Thomas HATTON in Widford is from 1755 when he insured the mill against fire.

Oxfordshire Records Office informed one researcher that E168/D/7 (a Final Concord, Foot of Fine) contains a reference to a John HATTON of Widford dating from 25 Nov 1693,
The parties were given as:
1. Hugh STILLGO, Zachary STILLGO and three others
2. Ezekiel WESTON and seven others, deforciants,
Property: Two messuages, 70 acres of land, 15 of meadow, 15 of pasture and commons in Deddington, Westcott Barton, Horley & Horton
This suggests that there may have been a John HATTON in Widford prior to Thomas birth abt 1707. (Paragraph added 30/Sep/2007)

One branch of his descendants moved to operate the paper mill at Quennington, Gloucestershire and then on toward the Forest of Dean. Another had connections with Swallowfield and Binfeld with descendants turning up in London and Kent. Several of the family were married at St James, Westminster.

His descendants married into some well to do families
He also appears to have owned the paper mill at Widford. All of which points to someone who had both money and connections behind him.

We know from a marriage license that he married Elizabeth JORDAN, daughter of John JORDAN of Upton, weaver, in Shilton, Berkshire (now Oxfordshire). The JORDAN's of Burford are imprfectly understood, but many of them were pretty well connected. Through Jane JORDAN (nee TRINDER), wife of William JORDAN they had links with Sir Reginald BRAY, Lord of the Manor of Great Barrington and Little Barrington (his wife was her niece). The BRAY family were married into the LENTHALL family who leased Upton. The JORDAN family thus had relatives connected with all three of the papermills nearest to Burford.

Possibility 1, the HATTONS of Thames Ditton

William JORDAN's daughter Jane JORDAN was the second wife of Sir William HILL of Teddington (his first wife having been Ann EVELYN of Long Ditton, near Thames Ditton, Surrey). William JORDAN's son William married one Theodosia CRISP sister of Samuel CRISP, Leut of the Inner Temple. This Samuel may possibly be a relative (or the man himself) of the well known mentor of Fanny Bundey who lived at Chessington Hall, Chessington, Surrey (he had at least two sisters who lived in Burford, Oxfordshire). In the 1675 Will of Willam JORDAN there is an interesting reference to 'my loving kinsman John Jordan of Ditton' who, from other references in the same Will, appears to have been the husband of a cousin.

In the later 17th C the TRINDER family dealt with a Sir Dennis HAMPSON of Taplow. During the later 17th C a Sir Dennis HAMPSON of Taplow was numbered among the annual appointments of a High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire, as were one George TASH of Iver, a Hatton TASH of Iver and Sir Joseph ALSTON of Thames Ditton, Surrey (husband of  Sir William HILL's Sister-in-Law Penelope EVELYN).

It turns out that these powerful family relationships also suggest links to a HATTON family as follows.
Samuel CRISP's friend HAMILTON bought Chessington Hall from the HATTON family of Long Ditton
, Surrey and Samuel CRISP lodged there for a protected period. The family of Sir John TASH originated in Iver, Buckinghamshire and married into the HATTON family of Long Ditton. The eldest son of this marriage was Hatton TASH. Hatton TASH is a very unusual name but is also to be found in Shipton Under Wychwood near Burford. The HILL family of Teddington married into the EVELYN family of Long Ditton. The EVELYN family of Long Ditton amassed a fortune through George EVELYN's gunpowder mills and expanded their operation to the Tillingbourne stream in Surrey, basing themselves in Wooton, Surrey. The EVELYN family of Wooton, were great friends and neighbors of the BRAYs of Shere, Surrey, from whom the BRAYS of Barrington were descended. The Tillingbourne gunpowder mill at Abinger was owned by George EVELYN's partner Richard HILL (not necessarily from the Teddington HILLs but could be). The Tillingbourne became a center for milling of all kinds and was one of the centers for paper making in Surrey. In 1704 one of the Tillingbourne Gunpowder mills was converted to make paper, I don't yet know whose. The HAYNES family of Thames Ditton (adjacent to Long Ditton) married into both the EVELYN family and the HATTON family and it was Thomasine, a child of the HAYNES/HATTON marriage that married Sir George TASH. I have also identified a TASH family in the Long Ditton area who married into the HATTON family. They had a relative called Hatton TASH who lived in Oxfordshire and they also owned property in St James, Westminster.

I have recently been trying to track the TASH Thames Ditton lands through the generations. From this I am reasonably convinced that I am dealing with three individuals called Hatton TASH (grandfather, father and son).  I have also now found a record of a Hatton TASH in Holwell near Bardwell Grove, Oxfordshire. Holwell was the home of  Charles TRINDER whose daughter Jane married William JORDAN. Furthermore one John GODFREY married Hatton TASH's daughter Mary TASH and I now have evidence that this John GODFREY was at  at one time in Holwell. A court roll from 1764 associates this John GODFREY with the Hon Charlotte DIGBY (who eventually bought the TASH property in Thames Ditton that had once belonged to Hatton TASH),  another record from 1670 indicates that an earlier John GODFREY of Milton purchased the rights to the rents at Holywell in the parish of Broadwell (i.e. Holwell in Bardwell).  In 1741 one John GODFREY of Milton married Sarah AUSTON, neice of the Mary TASH who married John JORDAN of Bourton on the Water (John was a relative of the Burford JORDAN family and Mary was the sister of the TASH brothers who successively held the Bull Inn in Burford). George TASH of Iver had dealings with one Hon Charlotte DIGBY of Thames DittonHon Charlotte turns out to be the Aunt of  Maria Margaretta CONWAY who married Sir Thomas LONGUEVILLE son of Mary SILVESTER of Iver. The Jordan family were also related to a SYLVESTER family about which I currently know relatively little. The name William LONGUEVILLE of Middle Temple also occurs in association with various of their transactions. This William was son of  Sir Thomas.

All of the above suggests that Thomas HATTON could be descended from the HATTONs of Long Ditton / Chessington (who themselves descend from the HATTONs of Ellesmere and Shrewsbury in Shropshire).
Unfortunately, it appears that sections of the Thames Ditton and Long Ditton parish registers are missing.

The picture evolving from various Wills has been summarised on a series of Relationship Charts.

Possibility 2, the HATTONs of Aldbourne

Mary JORDAN (nee TASH), wife of John JORDAN of Bourton on the Water, appeares to be related to these JORDANs. She appears to have come from a family who were Inn Keepers in Burford, Oxfordshire and had connections in London, possibly related to the Sir John TASH of London who made his fortune in the wine and inn keeping trade. Sir John's daughter Elizabeth TASH married Richard MICHELL, son of Simon MICHELL and Charity HUTTON. Charity was the sister of Richard HUTTON/HATTON of Lincoln's Inn and a relative of Thomas HATTON of Westminster and Aldbourne, Wiltshire (d. 1766). These HATTONs may in turn be related to the Francis HATTON of Mortlake, Surrey who married into the NICHOLAS family of Aldbourne, Wilts. (Paragraph updated 30/Sep/2007)

Another possible HATTON connection comes with Colonel  Thomas HATTON of Saville Row, Westminster. This individual had financial connections with George PITT of Stratfield Saye. He is one of the few HATTONs who seems to have had property in Wiltshire (at Aldborne). One early Wiltshire HATTON (not necessarily related to Thomas but could be) had connections with Binfield, Berks. In the early 18th C Simon MICHELL & Charles WOOD undertook a large building project in London. Thomas HATTON  leased his premesis in Saville Row from MICHELL & WOOD and Simon MICHELL was Brother in Law to one Mr Richard HATTON. MICHELL  appears to have employed one Samuel WORRALL as the main builder. This Samuel WORRALL may have been related to the WORRALL family in Bristol, who in turn had connections with the RAIKES family (stationers who were supplied from the Upton Papermill). The HATTON family of Widford married into a WORRALL family of unknown provenance. (Paragraph updated 30/Sep/2007)

Possibility 3, the HATTONs of Chessington

One family of particular interest is that of Thomas HATTON of Chessington, owner of Chessington Hall (formerly the Manor of Fream). He died in 1746 and shortly afterwards Chessington Hall was sold to HAMILTON. Thomas' Will was short and left everything to his wife Rebecca. He sold Chessington Manor (not the same as Chessington Hall) a few years before he died so it could have been so that he could fund a family venture somewhere else. It is currently unclear whether he had a son called Thomas.

A survey relating to Chessington Manor is catalogued amongst the papers relating to a church building project in All Hallows, London that
Simon MICHELL and his Brother in Law Mr Richard HATTON were involved (paragraph added 11 Nov 2007).

Possibility 4, a HATTON connected to the Earls of Warwick

Whilst there appears to be evidence for a strong connection with the HATTON family of Ditton, another possibility exists. Upton Mill appears to have been owned by one Peter RICH.  I am unable to trace this individual's background in any detail but his namesake owned other property in Burford. Amongst the relatives of the powerful Elizabethan Sir Christopher HATTON were a number of  families with the surname RICH including that of the Earls of Warwick. I have now traced a link between the JORDAN family of Burford and this RICH family.
Robert RICH, 1st Earl of Warwick had a daughter called Essex.
Sir Thomas CHEEKE of Pirgo married Essex RICH daughter of  Robert RICH.
Anne CHEEKE daughter of Sir Thomas & Essex appears to have married Robert RICH, 3rd Earl of Warwick (and son of Frances HATTON)
Anne & Robert had a daughter Essex RICH who married Daniel  FINCH, who later married Anne HATTON.
Anne & Robert also had a son Thomas CHEEKE who married Letitia RUSSELL
Thomas and Letitia had a daughter Anne CHEEKE who  married Sir Thomas TIPPING of Wheatfield
Sir Thomas TIPPING's great grandfather Sir George TIPPING was also the grand-uncle of Mary TIPPING who married Thomas JORDAN of Fulbrook.

Possibility 5, the HATTONs of Childrey

The connection between the TIPPING family and Thomas JORDAN suggests contact between the JORDAN family and the long established HATTON family of Childrey, Berkshire and West Challow, Berks. Thomas JORDAN had a Brother in Law by the name of John BLANDY, almost certainly the John BLANDY of Inglewood, Kintbury and Kingston Bagpuize, Berks, who married Elizabeth TIPPING. That John BLANDY was one of the BLANDY family of the Letcombe Regis/Bassett, Berks region. This area, adjacent to Childrey, Berks was the ancestral seat of the FETTIPLACE family of Swinbrook, Oxon into which the Shilton, Oxon BRAYs of Shilton, Oxon (descendants of the JORDAN family of Burford, Oxon) had married. John PIGOTT of West Challow married Mary JORDAN of 'Garford'. Her son John PIGOTT married in Fulbrook, Oxon. So 'Garford' may be a transcription error for Burford. (paragraph added 11/Nov/2007 and updated 14/Nov/2007 )

The John BLANDY of Kingston Bagpuize, Berks, mentioned above appointed a John HUTTON of Tower Dock, London as one of his trustees. He may also be related to the SOUTHBY family of Carswell (from whom John SOUTHBY was involved with a John JORDAN of Burford, Oxon) and the BLANDY family of Hinton Waldrish, Oxon (who were major landowners at enclosure, alongside the LODER family). (paragraph added 14/Nov/2007 )

Possibility 6, through the COKE family

Another possible link to HATTON comes through the surname SHUTE. The JORDAN family married into a wealthy family by this name of unknown provinance. However, the most likely candidates were the descendants of the powerful Elizabethan Robert SHUTE. John HATTON of Long Stanton, father of  Sir Christopher HATTON of Clay Hall, in Enfield, Bucks, married Joan SHUTE daughter of Francis SHUTE of Holdrington. Sir Christopher's heir and nephew Sir William NEWPORT took the name HATTON. After his death, his second wife Lady Elizabeth HATTON (nee CECIL) married Sir Edward COKE owner of the manor of Minster Lovell, Oxon. Just downstream from Swinbrook, Oxon. (Paragraph updated 11/Nov/2007)

Sir Christopher HATTON appears to have been a distant cousin of  Robert HATTON, the founder of the Ditton dynasty of HATTONs. 

Possibility no. 7, the HUTTON family of Deddington

The Quaker HUTTON family of Deddington, Oxon, were involved with Paper Mills in North Oxfordshire. Some of the mills they owned subsequently came into the same hands (the EMBERLIN family) as some of the mills owned by the Burford area HATTONs. A number of family connections have been found between the Burford area and North Oxfordshire.

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