Thomas Hatton of Widford

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The evidence for Thomas' life before 1748 is largely circumstantial, but it is thought that he probably learnt his trade in his fathers mill in North Oxfordshire. It is suspected that a brief marriage took him to the mill at Eynsham, after which he returned to Deddington and took an apprentice. Later he settled in the Burford area before becoming Paper Maker at Widford Paper Mill. At Widford Thomas married into the local JORDAN family, probably the Witney branch who were at one time lords of the Manor of Eynsham.   

Parents and family

It is still unclear where Thomas descended from. For a summary of some of my researches to date see Who Was Thomas Hatton's Father? However I now lean toward the idea that he was descended from Michael HUTTON of Deddington, Oxon, papermaker, though, as Michael's wife Jaell died in 1701, this was more likely to be through one of his sons  than directly from Michael himself.

Birth, abt 1707

From his apparant age at death, he was born about 1707. 

Childhood and Education

No information available. However, Thomas was a paper maker and so would have served as a paper making apprentice or been informally trained by his father. An apprenticeship would usually last seven years. He would probably have finished his training around the age of twenty one, i.e. about 1728.


Thomas HATTON was a paper maker in Widford, Oxfordshire, (then Gloucestershire). This site also contains a general page of information on Widford Paper Mill and its paper makers. There was a huge demand in London for stone from the nearby Taynton quarries (from which Christopher KEMPSTER took his stone), and there were also quarries in neighbouring Upton. The stone was transported south to Lechlade where it was transferred to barges. It is therefore possible that Thomas could have been shipping paper to London in like manner.

Probable marriage to Hannah Lord

On the 27 September 1736 one Thomas HATTON of Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire, married Hannah LORD of Eynsham, Oxfordshire. The Stanton Harcourt Parish Register transcription gives Thomas Hatton & Hannah Lord, p. of Eynsham. Eynsham was one of the Oxfordshire paper mills and would have been in operation. At around this time there was a prominent family by the name of LORD based in Fritwell, Oxfordshire, not far from the HUTTON's Adderbury Grounds Papermill and the location of its rag house. That LORD family dealt with the JORDAN family of Burford, Oxon.

On 14 August 1737 the Eynsham Parish Registers record the Christening of  Elizabeth HATTON, daughter of Thomas and Hannah. A week before this on the 7 August 1737 they record the burial of one Elizabeth HATTON. The Elizabeth who died may have been a relative whose death inspired the naming of Thomas and Hannah's new child or, more likely a light '1' faded or a '1' got lost in transcription (three days being a likely period separating death and burial).

Thomas' Will of 2/Jan/1778 refers to 'my Son Edward'. Edward HATTON went on to marry Hannah EDGINGTON (23 Nov 1766 at Quenington, Gloucestershire) and become a paper maker at Quenington Paper Mill, Gloucestershire. The only current candidate for Edward's Christening is on 23 July 1738 in Eynsham, Oxfordshire, where a son called Edward HATTON was born to Thomas and Hannah.

Thomas' Will of 2/Jan/1778 refers to 'my Son Thomas'  No candidate for Thomas HATTON's Christening has yet been found. He is slotted in here as there is a convenient gap.

On 14 September 1740 one James HATTON was Christened in Eynsham, Oxfordshire by Thos & Alice. This may represent a clerical error in the wife's name or relatives in the area. This is the last of only three HATTON christenings in Eynsham.

On the 7 November 1741 one Hannah HATTON was buried in Eynsham. That this was Hannah HATTON, nee LORD, is almost certain, as her grave is next to that of a group of LORD burials, one of which is a chest tomb, rather reminiscent of that in which Thomas HATTON of Widford would later be buried. Monumental Inscription, for grave number C113, in the published list
"In memory of / Hannah the wife of / Thos HATTON who / Departed this life Novr / the 14th 1741 / Aged 29 / Also five of their children / who died in their infancy //"
(Monumental Inscriptions at the Parish Church of Saint Leonard, Eynsham  (Oxford: Oxford Family History Society, 2002),  60.)
As Hannah's monument is near to others from the LORD family, this appears to be the grave of Hannah HATTON, nee LORD. Thus, either the transcription of the date of burial in the register or that of the monument must be incorrect.

Assuming that this was Thomas HATTON's first wife, here demise possibly left him with very young children to care for. The wording 'Also five of their children / who died in their infancy' could easily have been appended subsequently, so does not mean all the children necessarily died before her (there are , but does suggest that not all their children died (or it would have said 'Also their five children'). The dates are tight, but given that, during this period, the first child was sometimes born before the marriage, at least one survivor (Edward) would be possible.

Probable trip to Deddington

Following the death of his wife, if Thomas had young children requiring care, a return to his family would have represented a prudent move. It is therefore noteworthy  that, in 1742, one Thomas HUTTON, paper maker at Deddington Mill, took an apprentice called Thomas JOMSON. This reference to Deddington Mill almost certainly refers to Adderbury Grounds Mill, Deddington, at which the family of Michael HUTTON were papermakers.   

Marriage to Elizabeth Jordan

A marriage bond dated 18 Nov 1748 states -
Tho Hatton of Upton in the Parish of Burford in the County of Oxon Paper Maker, and John Jordan of the same place, Weaver. Bound unto  Henry BROOKE Dr. of ?Laws and Official Principal of the Reverend the Archdeacon of Oxon. That Thos. Hatton of Upton in the Parish of Burford aforesaid and Elizabeth Jordan of the same place, Spinster
May lawfully solemnize Matrimony together.
Marriage be openly solemnized in the  Parish Church of Shilton in the County of Oxon. Thos. Hatton and John Jordan  shall defend and save Harmless the above-named   Dr. Brooke and all his Officers & Ministers.
Witness for Thos HATTON was James BUSBY, that for John JORDAN was Edwd. LAY (who made his mark).

According to this licence Thomas was to marry Elizabeth JORDAN in a ceremony at Shilton, Berks. (now Oxon.), (at that time Berkshire). The registers for Shilton contain no such marriage but appear somewhat incomplete over the relevant period (with substantially less marriages recorded than for adjacent periods).

About 1750 Thomas' son John HATTON was born (based on the age at death given on his monumental inscription). Thomas' Will of 2/Jan/1778 refers to him as 'my Son John HATTON'.  John HATTON married at Buscot near Lechlade (at the mouth of the Coln) and succeded Thomas as paper maker at the Paper Mill in Widford, Gloucs (now Oxon).

On 2 August 1754 Thomas Christened his daughter Mary HATTON at Burford, Oxfordshire. Thomas' Will of 2/Jan/1778 refers to her as 'my Daughter Mary WORRELL'

On 5th October 1757 one Thomas HATTON witnessed the marriage at Swinbrook, Oxon., of Thomas WOODRINGTON, age 30 and of Witney, Oxon., to Mary KEMPSTER of Widford, Gloucs (now Oxon).

Last Will and Testament, signed 2/Jan/1778, proved 7/Feb/1780

Thomas left a will, of which his wife Elizabeth was the main beneficiary. The will mentions little about his business affairs or property but it does mention a range of family members. The following is a summary.
Papermaker of Widford
Son Edward Hatton to get 50, cleared a mortgage for 13, his four sons to get 5 each at age 14 to ‘put apprentice’, his three daughters to get 5 each at age 21 or on marrying, half the deceased’s wearing apparel
Son Thomas Hatton to get 20
Daughter Mary Worrell to get 20 Suite of Morning
Son John Hatton to get 300 at age 30 out of stock in paper trade (or cash if insufficient), half the deceased’s wearing apparel (with first choice)
Son in Law Worrell to get a Suite of Mourning
Niece Mary Kempster to get a Guinea and a Suit of Mourning
Wife Elizabeth Hatton to get 100, ‘rest and residue of my personal Estate’ for life. After her death this to be divided as follows:

Wife Elizabeth to be sole Executrix

(Based on Public Records Office document prob 11/1061 Pgs 257-258). A full transcription has been produced for the probate record for this will, see the Probate Records Index.


Cause unknown, but apparently not sudden as he seems to have put his affairs in order. His wife survived him and her story continues in the Biography of Elizabeth JORDAN.


Hatton tomb in Swinbrook churchyardThe burial register for Swinbrook, Oxon., records the burial on 11/Oct/1779 of Thomas HATTON, 'Widford Papermaker'

Thomas  and his wife Elizabeth are buried in a chest tomb in the churchyard at Swinbrook, Oxon., along with other members of his family.

Those sections of the inscriptions that can be read (at least in part) are shown below.
Inscription for Thomas & Elizabeth Hatton Inscription for John and Sarah Hatton Inscription for George Hatton
The age at death for Thomas HATTON was not readable under normal lighting but extreme oblique flash lighting reveals that it is most likely 72 (see close up below) 
Age at death for Thomas Hatton
I have produced a transcription of some monumental inscriptions from Swinbrook churchyard that are, or may be, relevant to my family tree.

Descendants and notable relatives

My understanding of Thomas' closest descendants (with my ancestors in bold)  is as follows (last updated 30/Sep/2007)
1-Thomas HATTON b. Abt 1707, d. 1779, bur. 11 Oct 1779, Swinbrook, 

+Elizabeth JORDAN b. Abt 1721, c. 1 Dec 1721, Burford, Oxfordshire, d. 9 Jun
1799, bur. 22 Jun 1799, Swinbrook, Oxfordshire
|--2-John HATTON b. Abt 1750, d. 6 Mar 1811, Widford, Gloucester, England, bur.
| 11 Mar 1811, Swinbrook, Oxfordshire
| +Sarah KILLMASTER b. Abt 1760, d. 1830, Swallowfield, Berkshire, bur. 9 Jul
| 1830, Swinbrook, Oxfordshire
| |--3-Thomas HATTON c. 19 Apr 1780, Widford, Gloucester, England, bur. 11 Feb
| | 1808, Swinbrook, Oxfordshire
| |--3-Elizabeth HATTON c. 22 Jun 1781, Widford, Gloucester, England, d. 6 Sep
| | 1825, bur. Widford, Gloucester, England
| |--3-John HATTON b. Abt 1783, Widford, Gloucester, England, c. 2 Jul 1783,
| | Widford, Gloucester, England
| |--3-William HATTON c. 26 Dec 1785, Widford, Gloucester, England
| |--3-Sarah HATTON c. 13 Feb 1787, Widford, Gloucester, England
| |--3-Richard HATTON c. 13 Jan 1789, Widford, Gloucester, England
| |--3-Ann HATTON c. 24 Jan 1791, Widford, Gloucester, England
| |--3-Mary HATTON b. Abt 1791, Widford, near SwinBrook, Gloucestershire,
| | c. 9 Jan 1791, Widford, Gloucester, England

| |--3-Rachel HATTON c. 3 Aug 1794, Widford, Gloucester, England
| |--3-George HATTON b. Abt 1796, c. 17 Jan 1797, Widford, Gloucester,
| | England, bur. 31 Jul 1813, Widford, Gloucester, England
| |--3-Helen HATTON c. 26 Dec 1798, Widford, Gloucester, England
| |--3-Esther HATTON c. 7 Jan 1801, Widford, Gloucester, England
| |--3-Martha HATTON c. 2 Oct 1804, Widford, Gloucester, England
|--2-Edward HATTON bur. 1793
| |--3-Thomas HATTON b. 1767, Quenington
| |--3-Ann HATTON b. 1769
| |--3-Edward HATTON b. 1771
| |--3-John HATTON b. 1772
| |--3-Hannah HATTON b. 1773
| |--3-Paul HATTON b. 1776
| |--3-Peter HATTON b. 1779
| |--3-David HATTON b. 1782, Quenington, d. 7 Oct 1841, Newland
|--2-Mary HATTON c. 2 Aug 1754, Burford, Oxfordshire
| +Stephen WORRALL c. 8 Dec 1748, Ware, Hertford, England
| |--3-Stephen Hattan WORRILL c. 11 Feb 1783, Ware, Hertfordshire
| |--3-Mary Hatton WORRILL b. Abt 1787, c. 28 Oct 1787, Ware, Hertfordshire
|--2-Thomas HATTON
|--2-Elizabeth HATTON c. 13 May 1759, Widford, Gloucester, England, bur. 8 Apr
| 1760, Swinbrook, Oxfordshire
|--2-Ann HATTON c. 21 Aug 1751, Burford, Oxfordshire

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