Harriet ?? born about 1943 in St Botolph, London

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Parents and family



Her birth would have been about 1843, based on 1881 Census. From her re-marriage to George WAYLETT it appears that her middle name is Sophia and that her maiden name was LLOYD. Her middle name is confirmed by her probable death registration which has Harriet S. WAYLETT

Childhood and education



Unknown before marriage

I can find no candidates for her on the 1851 Census, but there is a Joseph LLOYD, born 1793 with no place of birth given, located in St Botolph

On the 1861 Census the following seem the most likely:
LLOYD, Harriet, born 1840, in Camberwell, located in Wandsworth, Streatham
There is also a Joseph LLOYD, born 1815, in Clerkenwell, and living in Islington

Relationship with John Lloyd

About 1864 her daughter Harriet LLOYD was born, at which time Harriet snr would have been about 21. On Harriet jnr’s marriage certificate she gives her father as John LLOYD, clerk. 

I have as yet been unable to locate either Harriet or John LLOYD on the 1871 Census. Her daughter Harriet was seven and appears to be listed in Whitechapel as Harriet LOIDE.

On the 1881 Census she is listed at 11 Handley Rd, Hackney, London. She was was housekeeper to William COTTON, with whom her daughter, Harriet, was boarding. The unit comprised -
On 24 March 1883, her daughter Harriet jnr married George Cook, at which time Harriet jnr gave her father as John LLOYD (deceased), clerk

Marriage to George Waylett

The only candiate I have found for a possible marriage is the occurence of Harriet Sophia LLOYD and George WAYLETT under the same register ref in West Ham (the appropriate district for her next move), in the December Quarter of 1887 (4a, 95).  The witness details on the marriage certificate would seem to confirm that this is indeed her marriage. The full details on the certificate are as follows -

1887 Marriage solemnized at Parish Church in the Parish of West Ham in the County of Essex
Column no. 115
When Married: Decr 25 1887
George WAYLETT, aged 45. Bachelor and painter, residing in West Ham, son of John WAYLETT (Deceased), brewer.
Harriet Sophia LLOYD, aged 45. Spinster, residing in West Ham, daughter of Joseph LLOYD (Deceased), carpenter.
Married by Thomas Scott after Banns.
Witnessed by George COOK [probably her son-in-law of that name] and Anne COOK [probably her son-in-law's sister, Annie COOK]

The reference to her status as "spinster" is surprising as, from the 1881 census details, one would have expected “Widow.” It suggests that the status of "W" on the 1881 Census was a deliberate subterfuge.
A marriage could be annulled if it had not been consummated or was to a prohibited relation, in which case the woman's status would revert to Spinster. Given the similarity in surname of both John LLOYD and Harriet Sophia LLOYD, then the latter might be a possibility. In the 19th C., however, every divorce was very expensive as it required its own an act of parliament, so it was common practice for the poor to lie about their status in order to re-marry bigamously. It is worth noting that in 1891 Harriet's status was described on the census form as "U," i.e. unmarried.

In the Mar Quarter of 1890 the death of one George WAYLETT, aged 49, was registered in Whitechapel district (1c 296).

On the 1891 Census she is at 3 Jupp Road, Stratford, Essex.. At that time the family comprised
Harriet WAYLETT is described as George COOK's Mother but appears to be his mother in law.

On the 1901 Census she is at 3 Jupp Road, then part of West Ham, Essex. At which time the family comprised -
Also listed at the same house were William HUNT, a widowed builder's labourer born in Cambridgeshire, and his unmarried daughter Alice.

Last Will and Testament



The only candidate death I have found is a registration in West Ham in the June Quarter of 1919,  for Harriet S WAYLETT, aged 76, i.e. born about 1843 (Vol. 4a, Pg 265).



Descendants and notable relations

To be continued...

The LLOYDE family of  Alverstoke registration district

In 1871 the seven year old Harriet LLOYD jnr spelt her surname LOIDE. This is of interest, for it suggests that the family may have spelt their surname with a final E. I for Y is ean easy enough mistake, as is L for LL, but adding the final E involves inventing something that would not naturally be suggested by the name LLOYD. She is on her own as a Lodger with LEE in Whitechapel, London. At that time Walter & Harriet LLOYD, with Ada, but not Harriet, are in the Alverstoke region.

The West Ham marriage of George WAYLETT and Harriet Sophia LLOYD suggests that her middle name was Sophia. Marriages between Harriet Sophia [X]  and  [X] LLOYD are so rare that only one possibility was found on a fairly complete index. That being the occurence on the dame page of one Walter LLOYDE and a Harriet Sophia BROWN. This was registered in the Dec Q of 1862 in the Alvestoke registration district. Searching for a birth registration of Harriet Sophia BROWN returns only one that is within four years of Harriet Snr's apparent birth date of 1842. That is the birth of Harriet Sophia BROWN, registered in Alvestoke district in the Jun Q of 1842 (7, 17).

The location, Alverstoke, and spelling, LLOYDE, suggest registrations that may relate to the children of this marriage. They include:

Although the birth locations don't agree with those given on the Census records, and the father's name disagrees with that given in Harriet Jnr's marriage certificate, the details link with the missing LLOYD family on five other grounds:
The circumstantial data is strong enough to suggest that this avenue would bear further research

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