Witham Easter born about 1797 near Great Canfield, Essex

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Parents and family


Birth assumed to be about 1797 and near Great Canfield, Essex, on the basis of his Christening.

Christened on 15 Oct 1797 at Great Canfield, Essex.

Childhood and education



Unknown before marriage.


On 26 NOV 1821 one Witham EASTER married Sarah Maria CASS in Wanstead, Essex, England. I take this to be Witham's marriage.

About 1823 their daughter Sarah Maria EASTER was born. Sarah married Charles James ARNOLD on 20 Aug 1842, Christ Church, Marylebone. She died on 5 Feb 1911 in Long Gully, Victoria, Australia.

About 1824  their daughter Mary Ann EASTER was born. 

On 21 Jan 1827 a daughter Phoebe EASTER was Christened by Witham and Sarah EASTER at St Mary's, Walthamstow, Essex

On the 1841 Census he is listed at Wood Street Walthamstow, at which time the family comprised:
It is as yet unclear whether the elder Mary EASTER was a daughter or a second wife.

Last Will and Testament



In the March quarter of 1848 there is a registration in West Ham district for the death of a William EASTER (Vol 12, pg 222). This may represent a transcription error, as there are no other likely candidates. Then in Dec Quarter 1849 one Mary EASTER married Henry ROBINSON (the marriage registeration would seem to be in Poplar, Vol 2, pg 362).

On the 1851 Census Henry and Mary are listed in Wansted with several EASTER children shown as Henry's sons and daughters in law (I have come across other older records where stepchildren are referred to in this manner). The eldest, James, William and Elizabeth, equate reasonably well to Witham's children of the same names, as listed in the 1841 census.
From the age of the youngest son and the date of the marriage it appears that Mary was a second wife and that Witham died in 1848 or 1849, following which his wife re-married.



Descendants and notable relations

To be continued...

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