Lavinia Maria Curtis born 1857 in Castle Cary, Somerset

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Parents and family

Based on the 1861 Census these were Henry and Eliza CURTIS.


About 1857-8 and in Castle Cary, Somerset, based on Census dates. The registration is almost certainly that under Wincanton of a Lavinia Maria CURTIS in the Dec Q. of 1857 (5c 510)

Childhood and education

On the 1861 Census she is listed at Fore Street, Castle Cary, Somerset with her family, which at that time comprised -

On the 1871 Census she is listed at Ansford Lane, Castle Cary, Somerset. She and her siblings Mary, 16, and John, 9, are on their own. 
Her parents and younger sister are listed a few dwellings further on at Ansford House where they are in service.


I currently have no evidence concerning any employment prior to marriage.

Marriage to John McIntosh

Her marriage to her first husband, John Allan McINTOSH, was registered in the June Quarter of 1880 at St Georges, Hanover Square in London. The names given were Lavinia Maria CURTIS and John Allan Mac INTOSH. 

In about 1880 their son Alexander [John?] McINTOSH was born. The family referred to him as 'Aleck'. There is a registration for Alexander John McINTOSH from the Dec quarter of 1880 and registered in Guildford, Surrey (2a, 86).

On the 1881 Census the family are listed at Down Place, Compton, Surrey (near Guildford). Her husband was the butler there. The house's owners do not appear to have been in residence at that time of the Census as the MCINTOSHs were only sharing the place with a kitchenmaid, a housemaid, and a footman.
Lavinia as a young womanDown Place is a large country mansion set on the northern slops of the Hogs back. These days (2004) it is just outside the suburbs of Guildford. At that time the house was owned by one William F FAVIELL who then rebuilt it. I suspect that this was William Frederick FAVIELL (1822-1902) the railway engineer who helped build the Great Indian Peninsular Railway and later built the Colombo-Kandy railway in Ceylon. FAVIELL is not a very common name and it is interesting to note that in 1882 the Essex and England Batsman William Frederick Oliver FAVIELL was born in Loughton. This hints at the possibility that a FAVIELL family link could have assisted in the move of Lavinia to Loughton.

Abt 1882 their daughter Violet MCINTOSH was born in Guildford, Surrey. On 26 Mar 1952 she married William Rock MURRAY. These were the parents of Nancy MURRAY. Nancy inherited a family cottage, Braefoot, in Ringford, Kirkudbrightshire, Scotland (north of Kirkudbright, SW of Castle Douglas).

Abt 1883 their daughter Ethel M(arion?) MCINTOSH was born in Guildford, Surrey. She later became known as 'Ethel MAC' to differentiate her from Ethel HICKS.

Abt 1886 their daughter Wallacina May MCINTOSH was born in Guildford, Surrey. She was probably named in honour of William WALLACE, the famous Scottish resistence leader, however the family later chose to use her second name!

There are vague family recollections that there may have been other children, one who died in infancy and one called Jack. However, no evidence has been found of these.

Time as a widow

John Allan MCINTOSH died on 14 Feb 1888. There is a death registration in Steyning, Sussex that year for a 37 year old John Allan MCINTOSH (Mar quarter, 2b, 207), and the London Standard of 29 Feb carried the following obituary in its DEATHS column:
McINTOSH. - Feb. 14 at Brighton, after a short illness, -
Mr Jo[hn?] A, many years a valued and much respected servant of
Mr. W. F. Faviell, of Down-place, Guildford
The Standard (London, England), Tuesday, February 29, 1888; pg. [1], col 1; Issue 19855. 19th Century British Library Newspapers: Part II.

The 1891 Census has her at 6 High Beech Road, Loughton, Essex. She is shown as a widow and 'Head' of the family, which consisted of several of her children and two boarders, one of which, Arthur H F BULL, was to become her next husband. 

Marriage to Arthur Bull

On 30 May 1892 she married her second husband. Arthur Bull in Epping, Essex.. The details of their life together may be found in the biography of  Arthur Henry Frederick BULL. Arthur died on 4 June 1919.

A newspaper report of Arthur’s funeral mentions his widow as a mourner. At that point she would have been aged about 58.

Last Will and Testament



On the 1901 Census she is shown as aged 40. Her husband died in 1919, so she may have re-married.
There are candidate death registrations:
All are for Lavinia BULL, rather than Lavinia Maria BULL. The latter has the benefit of being close to her home.

In 1924 there is an Lavinia M BULL marriage to Ivor DAVIES registered in Bridgend, Glamorgan.


Not known.

Descendants and notable relations

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Alexander John McIntosh & Netta (Harriet?)

Alexander McIntosh and Netta

There is a marriage of one Alexander John McINTOSH in Sep quarter of 1898 registered at Pancras, with wife's surname McLEOD or JACKSON. His wife we know only as Netta, but the McLEOD bride was Janet. In his wedding picture he is wearing the uniform of a Naval Policeman, which suggests that he was more mature than 18. Another possible registration is in Hastings in 1916, where an Alexander John MCINTOSH married one Harriet M. TAPSELL. At this point he would have been about 36, which seems a bit more consistent with the picture. An old sketched family tree notes that John & Netta had two children, John and another who is marked simply as 'died,' implying a very early death. There appear to be two children from the MCINTOSH/TAPSELL marriage, Alexander J., birth registered Tendring 1920, and John A., birth registered Hastings 1921. There is an Alexander J. MACINTOSH death was registered in Tendring 1920, aged 0. So this couple, with their Essex connection via Tendring and their child profile, appear a strong candidate.

May McIntosh

May McIntosh
This picture is believed to be of May MCINTOSH. Christened 'Wallacina May MCINTOSH,' she seems to have been known by either name according to occasion. On the 1891 Census she is 'May MCINTOSH,' but on the 1901 she is 'Wallaceina MCINTOSH.' Here death certificate has 'Wallaceana MCINTOSH.' Nobody ever seems to have got to grips with her first name.


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