John Cross born about 1787 in Upton, Bitton, Gloucestershire

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Parents and family



Fron the 1851 Census this was in 1787 in Upton, Bitton, Gloucestershire. The only Upton near Bitton is Upton Cheyne, Somerset. and this conclusion is confirmed by the birthplace of 'Upton Chenny' given on the 1871 Census.

Childhood and education





On the 1841 Census (which rounds most ages over 10 to a multiple of 5 years) he is listed in Lansdown, the details being as follows:

The above details rely on transcripts and have, in minor parts, still to be verified against the original census entries.

On the 1851 Census he is listed at Cross Cottage, Lansdown, Somerset. This is listed between Blathwayt Arms and Goudies Farm, after which lay The Grand Stand. At that time the family comprised.

Frederick CROSS was listed at adjacent Blathwayt Dairy

On the 1861 Census they are listed at Lansdown Villa, Lansdown, Somerset, which is listed after the Blathwayt Arms and so was probably near to it. At which time the family comprised:

On 20 Feb 1862 the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette (pg 10, col 4) reported that a Mr.John CROSS seconding the motion for a vote of thanks to, F. J. RAWLINGS M.A. the former curate of Weston, for delivering a talk on "the cup of tea" at Weston Club and Reading Institute.

On 10 Dec 1868 the following report on John CROSS, of Weston, appeared in the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette (Pg3, col 5) under the heading County Magistrates' Office.


On the 1871 Census he is listed at Lansdown in Weston, Somerset. 'Lansdown' is occupied by only the CROSS family and lies between 'Old Cricket House 2' and 'Grand Stand Racecourse'

Last Will and Testament



Bath Registry Office Index has only one John CROSS death in the period 1861-1885. This is for John CROSS,  aged 91 (i.e. should be claiming to be about 86 on the 1871 Census), died in 1876 and death registered in Batheaston, Bath (Bath Registry, BEA/11/206, or National Register, Dec Quarter, Bath, Vol 5c, Pg. 450)



Descendants and notable relations

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