Frederick Henry William Bull, born 1821 in Binfield

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Parents and family

On his marriage certificate his father is given as Henry William BULL, Surgeon in the Navy. Henry is clearly identifiable on the 1851 Census on which his wife is Mary, born in Widford. Her maiden name turns out to have been Mary HATTON


About 1821, in Binfield, Berks. Christened 1 Mar 1821, in Binfield, Berks., as Frederick Henry William Bull.

Childhood and education

Nothing is currently known about his early life.


On the 1841 Census he was at 69 Blackfriars Road, Southwark, London. The units in this section of the street all appear to have multiple occupation with varied surnames. The unit he was in comprised:
About 1849 his daughter Louisa BULL was born in St. James, London (on the 1851 Census Frederick gave her age as 2). Her birth was probably registered as Louisa Amelia Caroline BULL in the March Quarter of 1849, at St James, Westminster, Middlesex, Vol 1, pg 115

Marriage to Sarah Gaywood

On 31 Aug 1850 Frederick wed at St Mary's Church, Marylebone, London. The details from the marriage certificate are -
Groom, Frederick Henry William BULL, of full age, bachelor, traveller, residing at John Street. Father Henry William BULL, Surgeon in the Navy.
Bride, Sarah Amelia GAYWOOD, of full age, spinster, residing at John Street. Father Henry Robert GAYWOOD, Coach maker.
Witnesses, George Herbert GYTON and Mary BOWERS.

About 1851 their daughter Maria BULL was born in St Pancras, London. The birth registration appears to be Mar Quarter 1851, Maria Amelia Caroline BULL, St. Pancras, vol 1, pg 423.

On the 1851 Census they are listed at 81 John Street, St. Pancras, London in the borough of 'Marylebone'. At that time the family comprised -
'Wokenham' is Wokingham, Berkshire, which is very close to Binfield. 

In about 1853 her first son Frederick BULL was born in Camden Town, London. Probable birth registration is  Frederick Henry William BULL,  S Pancras, Mar Quarter 1853, 1b, 127.

On the 18th October 1860 her son Adolphus William Frederick BULL was born. The birth was registered in St Pancras and the certificate gives his parent's names as Frederick Henry William BULL and Amelia BULL formerly GAYWOOD. He later married Annie DAVIS.

On the 1861 Census they are listed at 11 Grafton Street, St Pancras, London. For some reason Frederick gave his name as John BULL. The details for other family members confirm this entry to be the right one, despite him giving a false name. The family comprised -
On 21 May 1867, his son Arthur Frederick Henry BULL was born. The birth was registered on 1 Jul 1867 by his mother. The birth certificate gives the address as 5 London Street, St Pancras. 

Last Will and Testament

None known.


Certainly before 1871, when Amelia appears on the Census as a widow. The only candidate death registration is that of Frederick Henry W BULL, aged 46, i.e. born about 1821, recorded at Islington, London/Middlesex, in June Quarter 1867, vol 1b, pg 141. He left his wife a widow. Her story continues in the Biography of Sarah Amelia GAYWOOD.


Location not known.

Descendants and notable relations

For much more information on the descendants of  Frederick see the excellent Rick Bull's Family Tree on Rick Bull's web site

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